Minecraft with Jansey 1.13 | Episode 1 | Survival Let’s Play

1.13 Minecraft Update time! Minecraft survival let’s play with Jansey in a brand new single single player world!

TOP 1.13 SEEDS: https://youtu.be/6D3qo5220C4

HOW TO UPDATE TEXTURES FROM 1.12 TO 1.13: https://youtu.be/IGRMszG-qQU

Jansey’s old world: https://bit.ly/2mA5TG0

Seed for this world: -350501890505856

Jansey’s resource pack: https://bit.ly/2uIsUKq

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JanseyOfficial
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jansey
Discord server: https://discord.gg/TAyF3Gs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jansey

►Jansey is sponsored by Cubedhost.
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karamjit Bal says:

you mised a fluting island

EmeraldGamer says:

ha adults who play minecraft

DabKing says:

i need someone to play with. im 18. please pm me

Ethan Rodriguez says:

u stupid there is a ice biome to ur right

Ville 0K says:

Omg i loved this video omg

Les enfants Vi says:


Rips pin says:

luv ur work

Ruilin Zhu says:

Who’s watching this in 2018?

Don Don The dog says:

You need to dig down a block in the under water strong holds.

EnduroBluff says:

Where is this guy from

Chris Bassett says:

Mine user is sniperchris05

Mj Filmz says:

tom clements loves your vids

michal rusin says:

how did you do the crosshair plsssssss

Moyakaku 86 says:

More proof that Minecraft is not dead!!!

Chris Bassett says:

Anyone play minecraft on pc

Brianna Cox says:

This is the first time I’ve heard your voice and I’m shook. .w.

JSR gaming says:

He is a pythonmc wannabe

Jordan George says:

great video

Drkc97 says:

Thank you for this.

banan je nej cz. says:


tina lawrence says:

did you say not to spectacular? That is better than anything I can build.

Frozen Terror says:


Harry Smith says:

Is this season 2 or 3

Fire skull 1234 says:


Ryan Larson says:

You should join Hermitcraft!

Betty miley says:

Go back to the ruin dig the gravel

Myrthe Reekmans says:

you have to dig down in the little temples

1467 gaming says:

A castle or fortress would be cool

Angeles Santamaria says:

I. Love you

blaze the fire says:


bobby bananabob says:

This is my first video and already subbed and liked

Blue Crystal says:

1.13 Minecraft Update time! Minecraft survival let’s play with Jansey in a brand new single single player world! u spell single twist

Judy Forster says:

Build a quartz pool

Mr. Mattu says:

Join hermitcraft

Eeffx says:

anyone else notice the chest in the beginning before he got to the village?

TSM_ Salty816 says:

You could have made a bucket instead of your charcoal and then filled it with lava at 9:20 🙂

Andrea Hart says:

yo good video keep it up

go away. hey don't leave says:

I’m excited for the panda update soon. I’m watching on November 28th 2018 12:52 AM Ewing New Jersey 08618 28 Walnut Street House Number 248. Come and visit for a lets play :3

Overday Gaming says:

Are you AUSSIE

Iron V says:

Yo dude u so good, u deserve to be on hermitcraft ask xisuma, they just start the series

Liam Judd says:

i love seeing people turn villages into bases

bldwrf says:

hey, you are like a father figure to me, i never had one. watch me whip nae xD

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