Minecraft Windows 10 Edition / PE – Achievement Gameplay / Guide

Playing Minecraft Windows 10 edition for the first tim

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Cooper Master says:


Muhammad Ibtihaj says:

6 hours of pe and xbox one both

Owen Peters says:

3 h MinecraftPE

NicxGaming says:

He spelled time wrong in the desc.

Donald Jenkins says:

hes not on console

ACplayz - Gaming and more says:

There is no language called irish
It’s Gaelic, pffft

JoeGamer HD says:


ItzCrafty06 says:

Back in the day of PE it was the best, i played hours and hours of PE back in the day before I got console or PC

Krazyy Pandaa says:

whenever theres an update on minecraft i start it and then go watch toycat

malikaiisboss says:

q&a when will 1.11 come to console

ItzCrafty06 says:

I’ve got PC but I couldn’t get it for free i had to use the code that was included in the minecraft Xbox one bundle

The Halloween Guy 720 says:

“Playing Minecraft Windows 10 for the first tim.” LOL These dang descriptions.

Minecraft master says:


R3dStone Gam3ing says:


Matchlessbord76- All about games says:

Welly recorded

Matthew Adrian Hamanto says:

Wooo!!! 56 chunks without any lags!!!

Isaac Gomez says:


Alexander Garrity says:

Playing on servers on Win 10 is actually great because you can wreck EVERYONE


Are you live NOW LISTEN

Ty Custo says:

How you do that

Angelina John says:

0 hours

Lil' D says:

Americans are awful? Im unsubbing

Curly Fries5669 says:

I’ve played over 200 hours of Mcpe

Lucario 1829 says:

Strongholds in PE used to ALWAYS be under village wells. Smart misake by toycat.

Melissa 2436 says:

first tim?!!?!? what

Angelina John says:


Alex Jahr says:

Give me a like on this comment if you like ibxtoycat

Zap Strap says:

Who wants to friend me on minecraft my gamer tag is BassList9002602.

Drake Sierra says:

first tim what

MCPE McXreepeR says:

50 hours a day ?

MrOGGamer says:

toycat I’ve had an issue with win 10 edition that whenever i click the mouse,. i freeze for a second. help?

RockGames says:

yeah how you record

Jblitz 15 says:

you did pretty good this stream

Trinity Dziedzic says:

43 years of pocket edition

ItzJustinHD says:

I used a “used bow” for crafting a dispenser and it worked (PE)

Michael Kinley says:

WHY is there a Windows 10 edition? it’s just Minecraft on pc isn’t it? what’s the difference?

Cooper Williams says:

Hi is play minecraft Pe on computer

Nounce says:

If you pick the dragon map and then when it’s just about to start un-plug your internet, you’ll have the lobby in the texture pack

Rainy Bañìnjâ Lørd says:

I have played Pocket Edition for over 100 days! I got the achievement for it a while ago. I tend to play for a few hours at a time, often multiple times a day, and I get really into my survival maps.

Wim de Bruin says:

Triggers me when people mine in dark places where you can’t see anything, put a damn torch there so we can see something.

John Patrick Reed says:

I have played 4 days 17 hours of the Win 10 edition. With an app so I can use a PS4 controller… I like playing in realms this way…

DarkDeath Lord says:

Only 360p or 720p there is many options

Gage Bragg says:

once I bought an Xbox one when they came out I didn’t rebuy Minecraft for console so PE and Win 10 is the only version I play.

Heartsoreleech Arias says:

I know how you do that

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