Minecraft : Wii U Edition Gameplay – Early Access

I got an early copy of Minecraft: Wii U Gameplay Edition and thought I’d fire up the old console, see what it’s all about, and show you guys some gameplay!

I’ve never really played a console version of Minecraft other than Minecraft PE, so some of the controls and features are new to me. I’d love hear what you guys think about Minecraft Wii U Edition!

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Juana Escobedo says:

oh man i have the wii u right now and next week im gonna get minecraft wii u edition XD

Panda Nerd88 says:

Plz sub to me I need help on how to part the Minecraft on the TV so we could show it on the video

bonnie fred bonniechi says:

i have minecraft wii u but I play minecraft xbox one

boedy ginting says:

I know how to switch to creative

Alicia MSP says:


LTGamerJay says:

you mean ps4

Diego Meji says:

significa que van a sacar minecraft en super smash bros

Pat626 ? says:


Kyleigh Grundler says:

In the tree there is a ladder and will lead you to Santa’s work shop

Andrew Smith says:

you can host a game that your friends join in and play together

C Knight says:

your osome dude

Jane Yt says:

What button did u press to exit the mine cart?

Vader Reviews says:

I got to tvs

Game It Micah says:

does anyone get hungry for noodles when you watch his vids

Mr. jj gaming says:


NeumaticJungle9 Gaming says:

Hi,I have a WiiU!! My name is NeumaticJungle9

Slayer180 says:

What wheres the G.U.I

Nicotnt50 says:

You can go in the crismas tree

Richard Callara says:

This is the same thing as PS3

PAMA UMod says:

so this video was released on… 2015?????? i thought this is a new video of 2017

Vanessa Mcclenic says:

do u want play with me now

Isaac Gager says:

you have to go on more worlds options and turn on host options before you can change to creative mode.

billy coulson says:

do u know how to mc???

Madden Lytten says:


TheAmazing ProGamer91 says:

Minecraft WiiU is just like Minecraft X-Box

Justinpeter070809 W says:


Tutorial and World by Rainbow Dash says:

mine is NANCYARE1

jonsytube maenhout says:

someone now how to go third person on wii u

Blake Jones says:

I have this edisen


Thinknoodles it will give you good luck if you go to friends list and tap on register friend and type in djs531

PYS Gamer CrashDrive2 n more says:

that play with computer or xbox360

Gaming Mαяtιɳεz says:

it’s like playstation 3 Think noodles

Richard Sims says:

do you want to friend me my gamer tag is K-BO-06 and i can shoe you how to get new skins and we can join a mini game.

LTGamerJay says:

and ps3 psvist

spyr0l playz says:

They added mini games

Blake Jones says:

to turn creatve you need to atavate host prlvigs

David Foley says:

i play on the wii u on minecraft you still have minecraft let friend rquest on minecraft

Samuel Franco Alcaraz Montecinos says:


Tutorial and World by Rainbow Dash says:

what’s your Nintendo network name so I can friend you because I have Minecraft

angel fragoso says:

I got that game

Mystic says:

Does it have the mini games?

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