Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 – EP21 – Back To Work! (Gameplay Video)

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I have missed VintageCraft! Congratulations on the engaged and that you are going to get married! 🙂

Orca pod Studio productions says:

You are a cool person. you rock Canadian guy,who loves steak and butcher innocent but delicious animals!

Charlie Kallemeier says:

Beef: I don’t usually have very much time for Pixelmon, Skyblock, and VintageCraft
Also Beef: spends half a minute walking in and out of the same door over and over again for no apparent reason

jedimasterpickle3 says:

Ahh, so nice to see this series again. I don’t have anything against Pixelmon, but I just couldn’t get into it. Really happy to hear that Beef got engaged, too!

Davy Rando says:

Hey beef… what about String on top of the glass?

shania says:

little does beef know that quartz walls are coming in the 1.14 update

Dragodelchaos says:

I’m happy you always try to kae videos with all of your real life deals. It’s a great thing of yours, good luck with everything.

Cyberra 01 says:

Been wondering what happened to this server.

The ‘fun’ of wrangling sheep

Birch fence is pretty pale.

Neowarshark says:

Put a bottom slab along the edges behind the glass they won’t be able to get up on glass then but one problem is less grass.

ZorchLP says:

Maybe fill the gap around the indoor lillipad with water (like around your fountains)? Regardless looks cool!

Tim G says:

Gold accents and blocks for the corners =D

Tim G says:

I thought the server imploded into a singularity of forgotten despair.

bwractive says:

This is Vintagecraft, not pixelcrap and not modded skyblock, but bigger and better Vintagecraft 😉
No worries, keep playing what you want, saves me a lot of time if you play those other games more *thumsup*

zakster2222 says:

I don’t know how it’d work with the lillypad in the middle of the floor, but I was thinking maybe make the floor bottom half-slabs with the chiseled quartz as the bottom bit of the wall so the molding you got up top matches on the bottom.

Amanda Peng says:

I would recommend stone walls lol

Sam Cro says:

Whomever introduced him to pixlecraft needs to be hanged!

Christian Christensen says:

Oldschool beef.. love it!!❤️

WeirdRobbie55 says:

Great vid beef as always. Do you plan on playing life is strange 2

Ben Hall says:

Congrats on being engaged Beef!

Alan Ruiz says:

Omg congratulations and I’ll be hoping for a prospering future of you and your future wife, beef.

raemckay says:

You got engaged!? Congratulations. <3 That makes my heart so happy. This was a great episode. Thank you. Love from Calgary.

Jaynee Burks says:

Good to see you back on the server…anytime it fits your life.

Magma Gaming says:

Hi beef me and my friends have been wanting to play on Pixelmon with each other but have no clue on how to set up the server I was wondering if you could tell me how you did it.

Cynthia Schwab says:

LOL Fnassau!

The Jeffster says:

Congratulations on your engagement

Max Lambrechts says:

Maybe stripped wood… less stripes

DigitalMonk says:

Maybe instead of playing pixelmon so much you should play on VintageCraft and live up to the hype that you gave 2 years ago when you said you wanted to play WITH your viewers/patrons (those people who PAY money to play WITH you) instead of playing with the choice few people that you have chosen to play with on the pixelmon server.

Now as I understand you having fun while you play and it makes it easier to do. If this is how you see it I feel as if you owe your community and apology for all of the hype you put out when you decided patreon was the way to go and had your own server to play with your patrons.

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