Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 – EP15 – All The Answers! (Gameplay Video)

A Q&A caving session!

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AbyssLord says:


Cormac Ryan says:

The first video I ever watched on this channel was a q and a caving so it’s nice to see it another one

michael baudinet says:

Much love Beefy thanks for the years of entertainment and sticking with youtube despite the crappy job they are doing

Fadyine says:

thank you for answering my question – i too did the online dating (RSVP back in the day) in the early 2000’s – best decision i ever made as i married the guy 😀 – best of luck to you and nighthawk, she’s a keeper there. Beth Chapman

Ion Meth says:

ETHO WAS NOT BUSY! HE WAS PLAYING MAPLESTORY2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ion Meth says:

27:45 He left the gold lol

sam bogaert says:

What is ur source of income now tho

Ryan Serhern says:

Happy holidays! what a great gift this episode was!

DrJimJim says:

Hahaha, You win, cause I can’t read that question outloud!

Hotdog351 says:

not the first

Josh McConnell says:

What happened between beef and guude?

kjemradio says:

I’d love to see a retunt of GOB. The CTM maps were so fun and the actual rage was entertaining. Besides Chad’s many many many many deaths are classic.

Google buying YouTube was an instant disaster. They did so much damage to the creative community. For example, channel art. Most won’t remember that we have the ability to create custom and unique channel art that took up the entire page. Then google decided to neuter, and hospitalize a sterile “ONE” derp look across all their products. Ugh that sucked so much. That’s the problem with a corporate approach to anything creative. Some jackass puts their stank mark and wipe out an entire industry of artists because they kill that creative side.

On the financial side, to be honest Beef YouTube NEVER catered to small channels. Once the algorithms changed, people that I followed had their channels die out or lose search results in favor of PewDiepie’s of the world. I’ve been around YouTube since the first year it was out. Not as a creator, but as a viewer, and yeah I saw that happen. Twitch does the same things. they do play favorites to large channels for the ad revenue they get from the creators. YouTube was never a level playing field and I do feel much of it is favoritism.

Gaming actually did kill YouTube revenue for creators. When the home page of YouTube was nothing but Minecraft or whatever popular game is all the rage you know they had to feed the other large channels..

Another thing killing YouTube is the obsessive nature of Google hijacking our private information to sell to a 3rd party ad agency. That was never really a thing prior to Google taking over,m but it’s the only way they know how to stay filthy rich.

As for me personally I would never EVER start a gaming channel on YouTube or Twitch. Partner programs are the new gatekeepers for channel growth these days. Like I said I’ve seen YouTube be an amazing tool for learning, but ultimately the youth in this generation need to start thinking about stable careers outside of streaming or posting a random video. No it’s not “get a real job” but it’s making sound choices.

Beef you got damn lucky to be in the position you are. This was once just a past time for you, but it became a career because you were in the right place at the right time. That’s not really a thing for the younger generations. It is a sad reality to how the Internet has gotten.

Sorry for a too long didn’t read type of post, but the older I have gotten the more I realize how much YouTube has become a joke. But Google will never give up what it does to hurt those folks that got YouTube to where it is.

Fnassau says:

I agree with youtube being more fun to do than twitch. I also have the same feel about youtube moving away from the whole “YOU” part in their name.
As for starting a Let’s Play channel: I personally gave up the dream of getting any money ever out of it and I would never tell anybody to try YouTube for income as somebody that is just starting out.
But if you enjoy making videos, do it. It’s fun and tons of it. Just make sure you use stuff for your videos you are allowed to 😉

Samantha Q says:

I’d take a picture frame over my worst grift ever. (Also from an aunt) Half a dozen small fake orange-ish roses. Lmao. I don’t even particularly get the point of real flowers too much (they’re nice but I’d rather them in the ground where they won’t die so quickly) I thought it had to of been a joke… but nope

Tony says:

He’s so kind for a youtuber

Kid Fury says:

I have a question are u going to bring back life in the woods

Dragodelchaos says:

Ohhh, I missed these!

kelz132001 says:

Pixelmon is how I discovered you! Don’t let the Pokémon pros get you down; I love watching you learn and have fun! Can’t wait!

Jan Petter Egeland says:

jeezus, the more i think about it, the more i envy you Beef. finding a game you like enough that you can play it for how many years now? And being able to earn a living off of it. Moving out of the city and stuff. You sir are living the dream man!

Zoe B says:

Sorry but I have to ask, what was that about Guude and UHC and “things have already happened” and “I’ve probably already said too much” because that didn’t sound like a “Oh yeah I just did a UHC with Guude and it was #ForTheKidsEleven during the marathon!” that sounded like a HYPE

Ion Meth says:

5:40 etho name drop

Ion Meth says:

One video per day is actually alot and very active. Just look at etho lol

Ella 03 says:

Excited for pixelmon, season 1 was sooo good and the secret UHC to come very soon!

sam bogaert says:

27:45 did u really leave that gold

Semagbe says:

Can tell Beef just watch home alone cause he is calling everything little jerks lol

Joey Cmf says:

My uhc question made it in! I was more saying pay off guude to make it happen!

Weird Warlock says:

That first server is where you met tiltedwings?

Jaynee Burks says:

Happy Holidays Beef…always good to hear how your life and craft is going. Thanks for sharing.

Jumpin Aces says:

i agree with the hole twitch thing i can’t stand that over the half the stream is just the streamer thanking people for donations and taking away from the gameplay its self. keep up the amazing work you will always have my support 🙂

Habib Bekhan says:

Yea the Toronto housing crisis / market is crazy your place will probably go for around 3 million to be honest unless you are going to become a land lord

Jakob Blad says:

Yasss I love pixelmon

Sam Cro says:

“Six inch ribbon curls!” “That’s impossible!” SIX INCHES!”

Darekcooler 13 says:

Can you do a Instagram q&a mining episode??

TheGHostRobes says:

second xD

Jum Alexandre Dacullo says:

I’m beefy

imVanitys says:

ily beef

Fnassau says:

Great idea to do one of these episodes again!
Whoever came up with that must be a genius and also kinda handsome.

pidgeotto 171 says:

Beef when you said i upload regularly i have to say one thing DONT STOP i would actually loose my mind if you do now all i watch is you and etho used to be a lot more than that so please dont

Batcheeba Batcheeba says:

If you two start a dog shelter that would be totally amazing. We rescue cats and believe me its so worth it.

Toro 17 says:


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