Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 – EP12 – So Mean! (Gameplay Video)

Stained glass walls, trip to a flower forest, and some turtle wrangling.

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Chris Byars says:

Gotta say…the window looks pretty gaudy.  Sorry, not a fan.

Cyberra 01 says:

You don’t kill turtles for shells. They shed them when they go from juveniles to adults.

Read your comments, Beef. The diamonds and the conduit are from a person who can’t play on the server anymore. Giving stuff they no longer need to someone who can use them.

Wow, that music in the flower forest

Mobs will deliberately break turtle eggs. There is a reason for the fences, Beef.

Gustavo Gonçalves says:

You should name your dog ” SEA DOG ” for the pun 😀

Michaela Boothe says:

I’m not sure if you did it on the first season, later on would do a tour episode? I love seeing everyone’s builds.

thepap 000 says:

Vintagecraft > hermitcraft

PartTime13adass says:

If anyone wants to donate diamonds, I’m not too proud to take charity.

Ricardo Augusto says:

Nice design B man! Try black instead of the inside quartz frame. When you said, it sounded so right!

Druman19 says:

John Casey?! hahahaha
Casey Jones, Beef. Thanks for a good laugh tho my friend.

Sarah J says:

Yo beefy boy! Why don’t you put glass under the circle of water in the centre of the Lilly pad like you have on the fountains and with you raising the paths by 2 blocks you can release the turtles in the centre without them running away and create a little turtle pond as the the centre focuel point. X

K napster says:

Instead of line green what about cyan?

megan rickit says:

Love the sun design lilly pad looks awesome

Sheena C says:

What did you think of the Las Vegas golden knights hockey team from last year?

ASFJason says:

Do you have any plans to enclose the big center water area with glass so the turtles can swim around in the middle of the lily pad?

CanGroverComeOver says:

you don’t need to kill turtles to get the helmet. they drop the scutes when maturing to adult turtles..

Duco van der Woude says:

Will you ever do that prank in the first season?

Geoff Reimer says:

When trying to come up with turtle names I did think of Krang, Casey Jones, or Baxter Stockman but settled on the OG Bebop and Rocksteady 🙂

dahktur says:

Change name to VintageQuartz 🙂

Sammie Harbaugh says:

is there any particular reason why you stopped player with the other mindcrackers? maybe i missed it. im not trying to be rude i swear but i like those days better then these. i just dont like watching these. i inderstand others do and thats great but what about even the hermit server? or maps with etho and pause… why did thoe all stop?

Putera Mahdini says:

cayse johns

Alex Berrios says:

Hey beef u should x data pack to convert stain glass or any other item back to the source like stairs to block again

E. Kaulfuss says:

I think the conduit is more of a gift for your viewers then it is for you. Both in being able to see and getting things done faster.

Insane Wanderer says:

thats why i just drop my quartz in your chest whenever i get some no signs needed

Gab DumBeau says:

I was rhunking about your mural. How about making the middle white and the “branches” a mix of red, orange and yellow to represent the sun?

Aaliyah Thomas-Haack says:

under the paths you could have a roads that are open for boats to go though.

Backyardfilms2 says:

Beef the conduit was from me. It’s because I wasnt able to keep playing so i didn’t need it. Up to you

Marcell4o says:

Pigman? More like pigmean amirite guys

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