Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 – EP10 – Taking Shape! (Gameplay Video)

Being attacked, landscaping, and all sorts of other things!

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Thorsten Müller says:

Hey Beef,
as for the borders at the statue, how about you use concrete or wool blocks? This way, you wouldnt see the dirt at the sites and it looks pretty similar to grass

Will Alcorn says:

If you count the height of the peaks and the distance between the peak and trough I can make you a formula so it will be an exact perfect curve

Its Dannymals says:

Or have 4 elements implemented on each?

Brad Fuller says:

Love the vids – how about making a Canadian Flag statue so everyone knows whos land it is. since you have a bear. or you could make a Moutain Lion also.

RaeBriar says:

Beef you added an extra block to the underside of the bear. Loving the way everything is looking!

JeaneGenie says:

Is someone going to give a bear a salmon he can catch?

LiliCakes says:

Not sure if this was already mentioned, but the bush around the bear would probably look better without the quartz/slab border.

Scott Hunter says:

I get the urge to play the Communist theme meme song whenever I see the VintageBear statue. Not because Bears are related to communism but I guess it looks gloriously ominous and the theme seems ominous and glorious at the same time? Sorry Beef.

David Taylor says:

As the water passes though panes could you separate the fish with them?

Cyberra 01 says:

Water currents pushing the fish into the corners, Beef. Make the water all source blocks. I made an aquarium in my achievement world before Bedrock became so unstable and the fish swim in circles all the time.

Turtle eggs hatch at night. With people sleeping away all the nights they might not ever hatch.

Silk touch the quartz. You can carry more ore and get the levels in the overworld.

Tt MoDz says:

Beef sneaking in a little bit of James blunt lyrics

Johnhitbox says:

Hey Beef, I found the puffer fish is a loner. My fish did the same thing too.

Izz Inuendo says:

I can’t wait for the 1.14 update with the scaffolding block

Backyardfilms2 says:

levels and ender chest do not go between worlds

Chris Byars says:

Why don’t you put some soul sand underneath the water on your “fountain” so it will at least bubble.  I have to be honest, tho, I’m not a fan of this fountain idea at all.  Sorry.

Its Dannymals says:

You should have a district for each quadrant, like one is a city district, in another a shopping, and in another a nature, and an arena

the Awkward Pharaoh - Atemawk says:

hey Beef! more fish facts! any fish placed with a bucket will NOT despawn. Also other than the puffer fish, the fish ‘school’ oh and turts only “hatch” after you progress through a whole night… so you need to stay awake through the whole night near them for them to ‘crack’ and ‘hatch’ think it takes 3 nights to hatch fully

shar3an sama says:

Beef you could do small village like the village of the bear and the village of the dog somthing like that animals statues represent the area with every village have it’s unique style.
Love your vids keep up the good work.

- vB4byDem1 - says:

What if the lily pad 2.0 had 4 levels of 35 blocks

Shari R says:

you should build a cat after Jellie GTWS’s RL cat who just won the 9th cat skin for the minecraft 14 update.

MattyChrets says:

I watched that series on Netflix also and yeah it’s great and I did the exact same thing, I needed to know what the song was. I always love your beefy tunes, I feel like I share your taste in music. No one I know seems to like the music I listen to.

Yesits Kam says:

Make a Bubba statue

Baylor Holt says:

How about you build a giant duck for the other side

... wir zocken jetzt mal ein bisschen! says:

11:17 That’s what she said.

Clmxsx Gaming says:

You should do a wolf statue it’s pretty close to a dog ?

Robert P Vids says:

I got some Brain. LOL

Per Urban Dictionary, ‘Brain’ is another word for head, or blowjob.

Sam Cro says:

Check the age of the eggs, Beef! Pull up the info screen then just hover over the eggs.

Peter Björk says:

Have you made sure that all the water blocks are source blocks? Might fix the fishes not swimming around

Sam Cro says:

Sleep, Beef you selfish asshat!

ExoticViper 39x says:

If yuo cna raed tihs yuo hvae a veyr wierd mnid liek me adn an expectantly samrt mnid awsell comment that bellow also decode these three words Go To Area raw HINT first letter and rock the stars

XxEvanSeven2011xX says:

You should do life in the woods again

Je Melave says:

Thanks for the Beefy Tune! I approve good Sir 🙂

PhuK UToob says:

place nether rack in the ground and lite it on fight to give it a smoke and fire effect to make that powered & float effect

xFuglen says:

I wish you would use the crafting-book more. It’s ment for crafting mundane stuff like fence, paper, bookshelfs, slabs, stairs etc. (it’s not a recipe book) (Filter out the *red* items in the book)

Kiara Villagomez says:

I really want to see you build a Fox and you really need to make a house for The turtles because they family is getting bigger!!! Maybe the home should be in the middle since you have them there.

megan rickit says:

Happiness is a new vid from beef

Head Shot says:

Oh huge idea – make a glass dome as « roof » of your lilipad and cover it with water it will fit the theme

F Ok says:

Make the center hole into a huge aquarium with glass,so you can have shredder swimming around and alot of fish.

Chayde Jensen says:

Great video!@

amaza888 says:

Great job on those edits! You seem to put a lot of work to make your videos even more entertaining. It makes for a great viewing experience. Thanks for the quality content Beef!

talgen25 says:

beef why are you so terrified of your fans most of us don’t bite :-c

Rotating Snot says:

How cool would be if beef added a passageway to an underwater city, kinda like the Vila he did in a previous season, there could be glass tunnels within the sections

Viking Shaman says:

Put some lighting under the bear statue, would make it look cool during the night.

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