Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 – EP09 – BEAR Necessities! (Gameplay Video)

Building some much needed things, including a statue of my favorite animal!

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izeplays says:

dang it beef…first breed, then slaughter:)

Jagstanger says:

You do indeed get great parking

Jason Bauman says:

How did he NOT put a despencer on the back end of that bear?!?!

Wais Abdillahi says:

thats too funny

kawaii Lucifer says:

Its both for the trident beef loyalty makes the trident comes back when you throw it

Gilax Man says:

I hate when that happens…..37 levels.

Tree Tirtytree says:

Beef you blind hobo! You have 8 diamonds

Pear Fishing says:

I have been watching Beef for 10 years now and not much has changed lol. Voice is the same.

Davey Codfish says:

Hey Beef! Loving this series! Also love your bear! Cheers!

noibn says:

Bear looks awesome! And good news – 1.14 will have smooth stone slabs and stairs, so you can update it then.

GEC Industries says:

1.14 has smooth stone stairs and slabs 😉

imVanitys says:

longer eps? <3

IcyReaper says:

It good to see someone love bear too, it unBEAReable to see someone to not like them, their awesome!! Plus my friend love them so much lol

Gnosis says:

Wauw that screaming is SOOOO annoying! 🙂

Euphoria says:

Bear necessities, right? Looks great, could bearly believe it. P.S. When is the next cooking show with Chicken Gravy? :))

Tony Galati says:

I can’t find the grab craft orphious bear statue video. Help!

Frost Hound says:

I love you beef, keep making great content

Jessi C. says:

Could pop a stone button on his bum to make a little nubby tail lol great episode beef

Banji3001 says:


yoram says:

loving these episodes just straight building! and gift showing!

Alyssa Fundal says:

One single *black of g r O S s*

Saarge says:


Lane Branson says:

Lmaooo. He’s is so blind

Cyberra 01 says:

“One single black of gross”

Loyalty is a trident enchant. It makes the trident come back to you when you throw it.

Phantom membrane is used to repair elytra if you don’t have mending on them. I believe they also make potions of slow fall.

Smooth stone stairs might be a thing soon, considering how many new blocks are being added.

animeking1357 says:

Great episode Beef! Loving the videos you do on the server.

Mr Gill Plays says:

love the bear statue. tried to check out Orpheus on GrabCraft. Seems broken.

Ryan Serhern says:

I beary beary like that statue

Mcclechhh5 says:

Hey beef, you gonna be doing an nhl series this year??

FirstPersonChef says:

1.14 will have smooth stone slabs and stairs!

Tree Tirtytree says:

Loyalty = Trident comes back to you automatically when you throw it like a spear
impaling = Trident enchantment, more damage on sea creatures

Jason Jarnet says:

You could have waited for the next update, smooth stone stairs and slabs are on their way!

Josh McConnell says:

I also have CP, no idea how long I’ve been watching but ts been a while

Ftlionfire says:

Love u beef u always make great content

humane monkey303 says:

BEEF rename ur first diamond and ur first block in the anvil so u can wall mount them later

IksiX99 says:

Q & A caving?

Wouter VH says:

You should sell Aquariums.
Aquarium shop. MAKE IT SO.

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