Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 – EPISODE 4 NEW GAMEPLAY! (“Below The Bedrock”

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Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 4 “Below The Bedrock” is the next episode which is CONFIRMED for RELEASE along with some NEW Gameplay from the trailer in which i breakdown.After Episode 4 will be the last episode which is Episode 5. Today we will be going over all the achievements. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

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WATCH EPISODE 4 TRAILER – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIcpTrzV_OE

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adarsh bhagirutty says:

if I am right it will be released on the 7 november

Chester Palima says:

I m hyped !!!!!!!!!!!!

Trey Plays says:

Dear Bigbst4tz2, i think “Ninja Ivor” and normal ivor are connected because Ivor did that same move in Episode 3 or 4 when petra had that sickness or gabriall had the sickness

CookieWarrior80 MC says:

810 like was me

christopher galvan says:

They should add these mobs in minecraft pocket edition

Adangamez 360 says:

Im just hype because of that big Endermen.

Rimal Mohammed says:

yes it does

CookieWarrior80 MC says:

810 like was me

Dalek Jast says:

This gets better and better with each episode

Domo Alex_Plays says:

Your the best youtuber. Every day I come to see if something new!!!

Ultralight Productions says:

That’s definitely Ivor. The same sword dodging scene was back in Soren’s fortress

Thundrex says:

the thumbnail is like god of war when kratos got his fire sword power

Epic Destroyer51 says:

Legend says……that bigb will pin this

Bigbst4tz2 says:


Hansi Sylaj says:

This game is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ryder Wilson says:

OMG i cannot when Bigb plays this game

Juri 100 Gaming says:

Why trailers are cooler than the episodes

Braydon72 says:

Ayy my birthday is November 7th

Rory GamingBoss says:


Joshua Marais says:

Big big big BIG ENDERMEN

tiengnoiyeuthuong says:

episode 4 is coming in november 7th

Pikachu The Dragon says:

Damn I Want That Lava Golem In The Real Game!

Tailsandfoxygaming says:

Bigb why didn’t you friend me on Roblox user theadminshedletsky.

Elroy Lee says:

Well I bought the game just to see you in it…worth it

Tofilongnose says:

Ep 4 is being released the same day as Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC

aboy23 says:

November 7th is my birthday

Andrei PRO says:

bigbst4tz2 you are a video by mojang omg!!!

The Little Friendly Gamer says:

Ahhhhhh eat this xd

GleamingEyedLycanroc says:

I love minecraft story mode so much and it’s coming out in 6 days but the thing is that you were in it that’s an amazing thing to happen I wish I could be as well I’m pretty sure everyone wants to be on it

Akumu Primarina [Team Cyantix] says:

Same release date as Sonic Forces?

I’m down.

Tigerguy 101 says:

I’m as excited as Ivor was when Jesse found the enchanted flint & steel

Phase Zombie killer says:

bigbst i think that the ninja guy u fight is voss because it looks like voss’s clothing

sean pin says:


shy guy lad yt says:

DOP Amer

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