Minecraft Story Mode FULL Episode 7 Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary

Minecraft Story Mode FULL Episode 7 Access Denied – Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary
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BFF with a creper says:

30:08- 30:10 you can see Harper

Krzysiek Czarnoki ujhl says:


Winter Timber says:

I just realized Petra is taller then Jesse!

Terrence Rath says:


Andrey og hunden Scheffmann says:


Winter Timber says:

The redstone chip sounds like a radio

Rafly Arya says:


Ashley Thomas says:

I like this

Rafly Arya says:


the amazing craft says:

fairy tail episode 2 episode 1 part of the year, and the rest, I have to be the first one is the most important part in the morning of the day of the year

ThePlatinumAlpha Wolf says:

Did anyone else notice Jesse fly up once they got to the lab or was it just me?

Rafly Arya says:


Josiah Smelly says:

I hope Lukas dies

Dominic Domawesome04 says:

12:57 half life reference

Tommy Cruz says:

where is lukas

Kingswea Play says:

You savage

Dementium Gaming says:

omg, duuuuuuuumb!!!!!

HorseMan and PopHunterGaming says:


Finance King says:

in 28:18 if you guys missed the little mistake in the story, Jesse knows her name is Harper but how?

Minephalt 8 says:

xcagegame you made harper look like a villain .If you want to see good quality go see Dan TDM .

steven lane says:

your choices are really poor or badly timed.

Naruto Uzumaki 42 says:

The Computer thing was right plus the whole episode u were a bit rude

the amazing craft says:

you are a lair

ERROR: unknown name says:

every1 go to 30:35 and keep your eye on Jesse wtf happened there

ThirdPlaysGaming88 says:

Wait the zombies sound te one like a radio at the first part did anyone realize its mangle

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