Minecraft – PURPLE DANK – SevTech Ages #2

Sevtech Ages! Lewis and Sjin explore the nearby village and discover they’re growing something suspicious…

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Scubysnax2012 says:

Milhouse Von Houten moment there Sjin

Bono Fabian says:

You know what’s missing? CHANCE CUBES

Kate Kerr says:

Oh boy!

Richard Hayne says:

Going through the motions, walking through the part…
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart!

AnAntiApple says:

<3 sjin

Jaylittle says:

Dang it

Dragon Ll says:

I’m starting to think Lewis does like working in a team

Rez - says:

So there are bees in the world they’re going to have a fun time playing with that

Jacob A says:

Could you have a guest appearance from Radders? Thanks!

Illusionz Mirage says:

I love historic caves and this is historical (ish) and *Im lovin it* (McDonalds don’t sue me)

Chokfi says:

“I’m going to go set up a peaceful area over here away from you guys.”
Here we go again.

Reiner W. says:

Oh look, Lewis goes off on his own how…typical. :-

GuilelessDragon says:

10:25 “I found a libertarian, he’s trying to convince me to abolish the IRS”

Chicken Lord says:

They should get skins to match the series

Gijs Konings says:

Me watch SevTech.

marcherwitch says:

Episode 2… and off goes lewis…

TheLordOfEpicness says:

What mod launcher is this modpack on? Example: Technic Launcher, Feed the Beast, etc

Silenced Games says:

Clearly Duncan is the only one who is going to do stuff in this series

Christopher Hauck says:

duncan is visiting the “fucking village” with lewis’s mum

Sanb Bans says:


Sui-Suede says:

At the end watching the train of mobs following sjin

dankmeme boy says:

this looks… more fun than the last one

jonathan maesen says:

Play Eco, please?

Lawrence Sheard says:

only just started watching the last episode of this… I’m awful at catching up on series aren’t I?

Sky Striker says:

Will you ever do a flux buddies 4? With kim?

belzedk says:

two points on the bingo card.
Lewis made his own base and Sjin talked about his new diet

MozilloGames says:

Days since Lewis went off to create his own settlement: 0

HENDAS says:

This already looks way better than that Nether shitfest, even if it does include sieving…

Ben Thorn says:

I only wanted to see you smoking up that purple dank

thewittywhy gaming says:

Wow. They even fail at being cave men.

Jordan Champ says:

I really want sjin to start getting his creative building juices flowing

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