Minecraft PS4 – TU54 GAMEPLAY [ NEW ] Full Clip – Xbox / PS3 / Switch

TU54 gameplay is rampant. today we are looking at some of the new items in tu54 Minecraft console ! Thank you for watching my Minecraft on PS4 ( TU53 ) / XBOX / PS3 / Switch / PE ( Pocket Edition ) video’s. If you enjoyed it, make sure to give it a like and subscribe to my channel for my #DAILY Redstone Tutorial , Let’s Play’s and News Updates !

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Maliki Mesteth elmore says:

Luv U Skippy 6 Gaming!!!~<3
Keep Up The Good Work!

Nigromante Tsur says:


Tyler Pickard says:

Do woodland mansions spawn in every world on console? Because I don’t want to put days into a world just to find out that it doesn’t have the best feature ever…

infinite_ pvp says:

f u Sony not in crozplay

SparrowingGamer says:


Siegertyp02 HD says:


Neathan Fernando says:



IM 499

creeper killer9000 says:

I’m new

GelatoGamer 2247 says:

Cant wait for tu54

Skippy 6 Gaming says:

Whos Hype for TU54? Next Tuesday, you think?

fleedldeedle says:

is the update out

flower1706 says:

Skippy dont forget Wii U for the Update XD

Marty Brenner says:

no favoritism anymore

Jam Rock says:

ps4 – Joeyloufox

Anthony Mitts says:


Probro Edits says:

yay thx 🙂

Nick Davis says:


Ha Sp says:

My sister got onto our roof

Prue8062 says:


Tasha Mac says:

Are shields coming out

Alexander Moehl says:


Huda Eshoay says:

Minecraft I love Your Minecraft and.Tu54 Gameplay.But how I do things like that you dast make.

Robert Lively says:

i am still just wondering why my farmers won’t harvest or plant i give up

Prue8062 says:


Ody Kouna2s says:

but commandblocks ?

FatCatFroggie says:

Cat glider is my new skin, for an entire year my skin has been a Siamese cat!

Prue8062 says:

I’m hype for Tu54

Vcorn Plays says:


Big-C-Dawg_001 says:

just started a new map and have not moved very far at all. will change my map or will I need to start a new one?

Paul Penfold says:


LilSpartan 1187 says:

will there be the curse of binding? I wanna do a pumpkin troll with curse I binding on so they cant take it off

Marty Brenner says:

yeah all consoles is getting updates

Chad Nelson says:

full of information

killhirobrine lol says:


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