Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 4 – “NETHER PORTAL!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)

Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 4 – Hope you ENJOY! 😀
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Minecraft PS4 has been released so I thought I’d jump on and start new series! I recorded Part 1 on PS4 (Playstation 4) and Xbox One and PS4 got the most amount of “Likes” in the first 24 hours. This series main goal will be to defeat the Ender Dragon but the series will go on as long as YOU are enjoying it. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more Minecraft and ENJOY! 🙂

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Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 4 – “NETHER PORTAL!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 4 – “NETHER PORTAL!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 4 – “NETHER PORTAL!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)


Wwe Moves says:

Hhaaaa you died

Nilufer Malik says:


Killstreak AwsomeXD says:

How u drop things is the bottom button on the controller like the x and square and and a circle and a triangle press the x to drop stuff

Lisa Marie Wright says:

sup alia

Dark lord Lance says:

so go to the one that you want then it should say how to check the name

Craig Rose says:

press o

Efrain's Gaming Toys says:

Ali Your the best you should make hello neighbor plz

Charlotte McClements says:

Ali-A you are rushing minecraft you don’t even have a full house?!?!?!

Antwan Johnson says:

20:43 hey what’s up guys scarce here

Rene Ayala says:

finish you house or I will not see you videos anymore

Denise Nowells says:

or a your own mob spawner

Littlike Liyah says:


Arquis Trahan 4094336291 says:

hey I got the same game

Cole Moodley says:

Ali-a said then he will go in the ender portal instead of the nether portal

Diana Wilson says:

You need 1 more diamond

Kourtney Fleming says:


Viny Polecat says:

in what layer were you when you found the emerald ore?

Faaz Ahmed says:

Oohhh baby

Xx warrior xX says:

Who is watching in 2017

CatchYourGames.com says:

When you looked at your house from far away, it looked like the train from bo3

Apple Juice / ParthTDS says:

19:59 Your House is PEEING! LOL

Football Luke says:

No hate but Ali cheated on this world when he went into the nether he didn’t get a trophy or when he fired the fire charge at ghast he got no trophy other???? Illimatani

The fouriosworld 3000 says:

And your vids are very cool!!!

BlazingEmpire says:

you forgot to get the diomand

Gee G says:

this game looks shite!! sucks

Lightning DoomFire says:

hes usin host privellages he dint get acheivments after building the nether portal

Justin Playz says:

Me a video making the wiither

The fouriosworld 3000 says:

Yea can you also tell me seed? Pleasssssse!

Bruna Aljinovic says:


Sherylene Astwood says:

your house is so cool
it makes me be lol idk why tho

ElemoPlayz123 b says:

i just made my portsl in minceraft ps4

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