Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 2 – “MY HOUSE!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)

Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 2 – Hope you ENJOY! 😀
Want more Minecraft PLAYSTATION 4 gameplay?
● Minecraft PS4 Part #1 – http://youtu.be/V4E6MH2So5s
● Minecraft PS4 Part #3 – http://youtu.be/Huq1ojDAof8

Minecraft PS4 has been released so I thought I’d jump on and start new series! I recorded Part 1 on PS4 (Playstation 4) and Xbox One and PS4 got the most amount of “Likes” in the first 24 hours. This series main goal will be to defeat the Ender Dragon but the series will go on as long as YOU are enjoying it. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more Minecraft and ENJOY! 🙂

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Video uploaded by MoreAliA ( More Ali-A )
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 1 – “NEW START!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 1 – “NEW START!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 1 – “NEW START!” – (Playstation 4 Minecraft / Xbox One Minecraft)


Crazy Wizard CWF says:

Nice video

I-con Games says:

Great vid

reid bailey says:

I’m watching in 2017

Sweet As Honey says:

Who’s watching
In 2017 January?

Adrian - Roblox & More says:

Me 2017

Dcskywalker 10 says:

Is anybody watching in 2017!!?!??!

Faaz Ahmed says:

Not gonna complain to be honest

Eldin Vlogs says:

Hey Ali why do t u do mincraft and tell us seed and we can all play together

FireRuby says:

I’m in February something 2017

Le huy Thuy says:


Michael Housler says:

and not that much animals O.O

Cynthia Cheres says:

I’ll FRIEND request u I can tell u my username Harris Cheres , cheres cheres

Donovan Barnett says:

whats the seed?

Tasnim Ali says:

Use a ladder come man are you stupid

Michelle O'Brien says:

x box 1

Vortex Viizion says:

U could put your Ali a logo under your house

Lathem Barbree says:

Water stream

Christian Merchant says:

Anyone notice that he looks down as if it’s real life when he is looking in the water cave?

Tiffany Stephenson says:

I love you video

THE Vlogs says:

U r awsome

Lucy Ram says:

lets go

Philip Lombard says:

Use this seed “flat”

Ethan Teneyck says:


Poseidon Gaming says:


Michael Housler says:

that is a sign of herobrine holes in mountins,blocks floting in the air

Call me pretty Princess Reginae Main one says:

Can do it with you and my name on PS4 is ejmoneyking98

casper's volg's says:


gaming wolf says:

do u like pokemon

MrArunasB says:

Play agar.io

Dylan Greenawalt says:

HE looks so different

Altaf Hussain says:

Go on a adventure

gurminder singh Birdi says:

who is watching this in december 2016

Kattie Meyer says:

love it

Nathan plays says:

water stream

Charlie Mcdade says:

you are stupid

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