Minecraft PS Vita – NEW ADVENTURE – Part 1 (PS Vita Minecraft Gameplay)

FeverGaming – A Brand New Series on Minecraft PS Vita Edition. Today, we start a brand new adventure. This is a Let’s Play Walkthrough / Playthrough of Minecraft PS Vita Where I Do Plan On Having a lot of Episodes and Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft Seed: -1117816657125390683

Next Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z28lrt1rlmc

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Dead zan says:

i know how to find a village

pietro gamer Lima says:

fala português

Henry Gaming says:

Is not on ps vita

Yaqoob Uzzaman says:

fevergamer your the best YouTube i have ever watch

Tush Polar says:

L2 R2 ??!

Tyonne Franklin McKoy says:

got to build some armor

MC bros says:

wie kann man auf ps vita aufnehemen

Theme park Oliver says:

what screen recorder do you use?
cool vid

Munchie Gaming says:

Minecraft PS3 comformed it has the same buttons as PS3 and ps4

mohammad alsalloum says:

Why every single time, any new device has been released,
Mojang team will make an edition only for it?? and then the edition is not good !
Why the people still buy a shity cube game ?!
paid game, paid texture packs, paid mashup packs, paid skin packs..WHY ?!

Imjustabruh says:

i liked it

Jaime Lozano says:

does anyone have minecraft on vita if you do you can add me my psn is Online_Player152

Josh saleen YT says:

Make more

Danny Najarro says:

Yes I want this series to continue 😀 I gave a like and I’m your new subscriber 😀

Sweet King says:

fever can I play with you sometime?

Steven A says:

Just a quick question. How did you record this? :0 Great video btw, I have the PsVita version as well~

Emma Hudspeth says:

What do you use to record? I’m thinking of making some videos on my vita, but  I don’t know how to record it

specter night says:

you are a liyer you only uploded 5 epsodes

NeoGen Gaming says:

I don’t have a ps vita but this is the best series I’ve ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE.

Random Riya says:

what is ur ps name

Anime Vloggers says:

what is your psn i want to play minecraft with u

GhostPower17 says:

Other than draw distance, can’t tell the difference

brave spirit says:

Can I join you on Saturday

computer nerd says:

are you using the ps vita tv

G7 Elite says:

I sub and like how do u record


do u still playing minecraft

Imjustabruh says:

and i have the ps vita to

Kuala Oyunda says:

why is your gama at full?

Preston Eaton says:

if you play minecraft on psp vita add me my psn name is batmanfan1063

pietro gamer Lima says:

LEDGENDARY_79 Gaming and more says:

Add Me!My PSN name is LEDGENDARY_79I look forward to meeting u.And i will subscribe to u too so remeber to friend me (or any one else (mostly Fever)Bye Hope Ur dreams come true 😀

skilldude 12 says:

I’m boss at minecart pe

Simon The otaku says:

whyd you make a wooden pick?

Best of Minecraft says:

Go online I will join you

The Plush Lord says:

25 episodes? you don’t even have 10 yet xD

NBAtop10 says:

guys the ps vita is dope

Blue Crystal Gamer //BCG says:

Any Vita Id

Android Gamer And The Tuner Brothers says:

Can That Work on PE

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