Minecraft – Project Ozone 2 #79: Wand of Animation

Minecraft modded. In this series we take on the Project Ozone 2 Kappa mode in a Skyblock style map. Kappa mode changes the recipes and game to be much more difficult to challenge seasoned mod pack players.

We’re also trying this in hardcore mode, 3 lives to start with.

This mod pack is available from the Curse launcher:

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Ethan Nguyen says:

imagine he died and lost the wand

Link Hidalgogato says:

so reliquarry has a thing called holy grenade and it does massive damage do monsters with an explosions that does not affect blocks so you can use it for killing the gia when they all start spawning mobs

Paul Silva says:

Damn it. I want my snacks but i just brushed my teeth

KLO 167 says:

open all of your chance cubes

Su Howell says:

Don’t trust new stuff…

FrozenPretzel says:

Congratz on the walking spidey blocks etho! 🙂 You persevered and succeeded

Kaleb O'neil says:

Also, wasn’t too sure… but was that grinder killing the blocks? I haven’t played in a minute and don’t know how they work anymore, but did anyone else think that etho wasn’t the one killing those blocks? lol the looting might work…

Alex Bradley says:

Best way to get EMC legitimately is to get a creative portable tank from Thermal Expansion (there is a recipe for it), fill it with molten bedrockium, and set up a large array of auto-casters to convert that to bedrock blocks. Tesseracts have an unlimited transfer rate so you can use them to have one tank fueling an arbitrary number of casters. 64 casters will give you approximately 50 million EMC per second.

Edit: forget that, the creative tank is way more expensive in kappa than titan.

Jtrid Gaming says:

Etho, the ant lion could be biome or dimension restricted.

cannaJan says:

congratz on getting the wand done, big milestone! Excellent episode with narrow escapes, shocks and success.

Jacob Drobot says:

You tried to avoid the conversion error for so long… Poor Etho. At least it’s not coffee converting.

SuperCool_Saiyan says:

at first I was like yeah ill do this mudpack when etho finishes up but on second thought ive changed my mind

Luke jw93 says:

To easily kill the gaia guardians, add a mana pool with a spark on top and use the draconic staff of power with FULL RANGE for attacking, the spark will act like a mob and the guardians take damage.

Jimmy Ou says:

can you not make an eleventh magnitude demon steel block and downgrade that

DoctorPhrog says:

It’s an antlion! Entomology for the win!

jolvus neubauer says:


_gabriele_mars_ says:

Etho you can repair the wand in that washing machine for tools

mudjunkie TV says:

Since you animated octuple things and downcraft them to sextuple, wouldn’t you get 18 sextuple blocks per octuple kill? So you’d only need 27 spawners. My math could be off here, but it shouldn’t be a 1:1.

CreeperNation Gamer says:

Etho make a special set of draconic armor to fight gaia with huge stats put for shields

yocastfan says:

can’t you use the washing machine to repair the wand ?

Alex Cline says:

Suggestion for the gia fight – Use an auto turret. I forget the mod but I know that you can get a super OP one like your sword and bow from a legendary. But I know you can make some too. No idea how useful it’d be but worth a shot?

Edit – Compressed Gia block at the end. I guess I should watch the whole video before commenting.

R4c3dude56 says:

Etho you can still play this legit. The best non-cheating EMC method is to make a ocean only world and replace the liquid with liquid molten bedrockium. When you pump the liquid out into a casting basin it gives you the bedrock block that is worth 43m emc. It causes a disgusting amount of lag though so make sure to build it in a different dimension and chunk load it.

cha says:

and what if you tried to animate a chance cube ?

nEVER4BoRN says:

Deamon steel got better and faster loop, need to pulverize one that dont waste EMC and then smelt again. Redstone furnace and pulverizer with some specific upgrades and pneumatic craft hoppers with speed upgrade sims fastest. Just feed them into EMC converters use mini AE system. Also tip on pneumatic craft, you can use item collectors to extract items…
I still not finished my game but when is one ever finish with mincaft, its on hold for long time. xD

Z ed says:

THAT PEARL WAS AWESOME. We need more mods like that, the kind that make you crap your pants before you realize whats going on. Thats a good feeling.

Abe says:

So they _do_ have a function!

eddog6666 says:

here’s a tip. chose the hardest blocks to craft. like awaken draconuim, Infinity, neutronuim, and others that take a long time. because I think you can only chose 50-80 blocks. it’s random on the use taken.

Joe Johnson says:

Does anyone know why Etho lost like 5 thousand subscribers in the last month?

Timmy Sullivan says:

Hey etho make a block of infinity and use tje wand of animation on it, who could say no to free infinity ingots

Brandon Burban says:

Ergos a noob

Alexander Wenzel says:

Use the staff of power on a spark (counts as an entity) and you can aoe attack for gaia fight

Amir Mann says:

etho what about badrockium blocks?

Alexander Kraus says:

Will an autonomous activator work on machines?

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