Minecraft Pixelmon – Ep 2 – CHARMANDER IN TROUBLE! (Minecraft Pokemon Mod Gameplay)

Minecraft Pixelmon is going to be a series of livestream footage from my twitch.tv/zueljin channel uploaded in segments with little to no editing. Follow me on twitch to get alerts when I stream and stay tuned every week for uploads of that footage here on my youtube channel!

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jimUkay says:

you could name the skitty skittles.

Letplanet 6 says:

Z you could could do an exploit and use flint and steel to burn pokemon down to 1 hp then you could go in battle and pokeball it

cachetona1284 says:

+Zueljin when do you upload

Mr Melon02 [Deleted] says:

Use the xploint where you set the block underneath a pokemon in till it has little heath then try to cpture it raver attacking it

Tayyubplayz says:

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆z go in ur inventory then press one of ur pokemon on the left and then its says sumary so it will tell u wat the moves do dont use the effects moves that decrease attack on oponents u might get a move that can put pokemon to sleep so ur oponent cant hit u but u can hit them but they will come out ofsleep

Master x says:

Zueljin the best way to tame a pokemon without fighting it make a flint and steel and burn the block that the pokemon is on and he will catch on fine when his health goes to red throw a poke ball at it

Lawrence Lo says:


Payton High says:

Shuckel sucks soo much

Georgi Evtimov says:

I love the music at 1:15 can someone tell me the name

Rikki Ornuson says:

ken i pley in surver

dasnerft96 says:

how can i play on your server too? D: it’ would be amazing not playing pixelmon alone

Bubble TAE says:

There is a shortcut of catching pokemon higher lvl is it is to go get a flint and steel, and burn the pokemon until low health and catch it. Doesn’t matter how strong.

yeh boy says:

microrapter coming soon in ark

Thatguy_Mark says:

please sub to me right I subbed in the comments and I ll sub back

Tayyubplayz says:

dont chatch every new pokemon u see first level up the ones u have

Tayyubplayz says:

get ur pokemon high level cuz then u will be able to tak3 on gyms ask draaax where the gyms are but level up all ur pokemon to 25

Tayyubplayz says:

carry on the pixelmon series plz plz plz

MCforced Swag says:

the best way to level up your first pokemon is to kill magikarps but only ones under level 15, this is because up until level 15 the only move they no is splash and cannot hurt your pokemon, hope this helps

latoi86ify says:

Z you need to get a ultimate pokemon

Masculino27 says:

if you light Pokemon on fire with Flint and steel it is a cheap way to lower there health without battling them

Charlie Mott says:

I am liking this series

Prof. Iris says:

At least Zueljin is trying out new things 🙂 I’m really enjoying this pixelmon thing…and I find the little power outages funny since its noticeable when it happens…First time I noticed it I was like is something wrong with the video and all but anyways keep up the good Pixelmon work mate <3

Radom Puma says:

is this live

Yakuu Salesch says:

you can flint a pokemon (set it on fire) and capture it then xD

TunaBugg says:

What is the name of the mod pack on the curse launcher?

Ian 777Fives says:

zuelgin do a war in modded

Pxlse says:

OMG WHERE IS ARK????????????

Tiny Colossus says:

Z seriously quick attack makes you attack first and does more damage.

theponytailed animeguy says:

z i recommend going to the jungle biome because you can mad level grind mainly off bug and grass types also if you capture a tropius you can fly on it but you usually wanna balance out your team unless your goung mono type which means your whole team has the same type for example an whole team of just fire types like i said earlier though go to thr jungle biome and you can grind levels off of bug and grass types since charmander and starly have the type advantage

yeh boy says:

and baryonyx

Philip Wallace says:

yeah were’s Ark Modded? is it you know…DEAD?

Demetri Munoz says:

were is the hermit craft

night shadow says:

thx for the fresh content looks pretty good

Robert Lucero says:

make a pokemone series plz

Crazivool make me a moderator says:

Snor lax in the background 23:20

zack zombie 123 says:


thierno diallo says:

bedlum really its beldum

Icence says:

could I have the server code?

cachetona1284 says:


CaptainFireLord says:

Lengend says if u say his name 3 times he will reply


Demetri Munoz says:

were is the hermit craft

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