Minecraft Pixelmon – Ep 1 – POKEBALLS! (Minecraft Pokemon Mod Gameplay)

Minecraft Pixelmon is going to be a series of livestream footage from my twitch.tv/zueljin channel uploaded in segments with little to no editing. Follow me on twitch to get alerts when I stream and stay tuned every week for uploads of that footage here on my youtube channel!

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Nick Torres says:

Is this a public server?

Codie LastName says:

I love watching 20 fps gameplay.

SyperPlays says:

What sever are they on?

Tayyubplayz says:

z when u get into this pixelmon its soooooo fun plz do a series

GamingWithKyler Rourke says:

zueljin do ark

Little Gamer123 says:

You missed iron in the first cave on the floor down at u side u went down first

dariusblack 1224 says:

who else watched the stream

jerryy538 says:

i basically can’t play pixelmon now without the addon mod that gives you a radar you can set to find shiny pokemon and boss’s

without that extra mod you walk past shiny’s and bosses all day.
you think they are rare but they are not they are all around you just chances of you running into it and seeing it with your own eyes is the hard part.

Fly DiiqqiiDY says:

I really enjoyed this, please do more z 🙂

Tfootball8 says:

good work z keep up the good vids

DD G8TOR says:

Z do you like the new Pokemon go update

johnathon mcgaha says:

how did his power go out and he was still on internet

BigT707 says:

plz do series with drax

Dodo Rex says:

oh yeah that’s the microwave xD I’m completely dead

Hamz Lp says:

Is this is a public server? i clicked on the server info but it was the patreon.

Cool Gamer 3000 says:


Rivaldmans says:

Man that ending threw me for a loop I though I accidentally skipped to then and until I remember it was a stream replay lol. Hope to see more of this, it makes me want to play Minecraft again.

Triston Janes says:

keep playing pixlmon plz

Jano Lepe says:

make this a series like draxx

Amelia Driscoll says:

I miss pixelmon so much, for some reason minecraft just wont play on my PC anymore. Been playing pokemon go recently myself, definitely fun. ^_^

Charles Luca says:

nice minecraft and pokemon makes a great combination

tacitpizza says:

Yes i cant believe this

TheBigGamingNinja says:

Zueljins pc cant handle minecraft

Lawrence Lo says:


bigjiggly xman says:

yes themachinegun brown

Tayyubplayz says:

z plz plz make this a server

Austin Reynolds says:

I would definantly enjoy a series’s Z 🙂

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