Minecraft PE / Console – 7 New Mobs W/ GAMEPLAY

Showing GAMEPLAY of the new mobs coming in the next major update, so many mobs for one update!!!!

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AdrianAnt Gamer! says:

As long as this comes to Wii U Edition, then I’m happy.

Adolf Hitler says:

U sure 7 mob? I only saw 3

Talibplayz Knight says:

Toy cat can you make a video of when the update is coming out on Xbox 360?

CanadianPrince14 says:

Just remember..if you see mob B then better craft a bed and sleep 🙂

Alex's Channel says:

I hope you can ride the dolphins and maybe even tame Mob B and ride it… I’m so hyped! 🙂

Anthony Verdugo says:


MinecraftBrian7 says:

The winner mob I hated because it flies and it will be hard to fight Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Stuart Macrow says:

And Xbox one

TheMinerHD12 says:

I would like all of the mobs 😛

Alex Hutton says:

I think the “mob e” will be a guardian of shipwrecks

TubelessAtol 983 says:

I think mob E in the shaded picture are penguins like if u agree

DesShi says:

The dolphins are protecting Atlantis down there….

Beast of The Blade says:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙁

Mandy Aaron says:

Will this be in ps4 ?

Ritzer says:

6 fish + 1 dolphin + 1 sky mob = 7 mobs

Hello Me_you says:

Since the mob b is named with night skies I hope it’s only in the dark

Yolomation Animation says:


Jennifer Goulette says:


Xzifer says:

talk fast enough or what .

batboythecool says:

Dolphins help u find treasure

Nick Best says:

yess my favorite mob won

Dinokidd Gameplay says:

I have a PS4 And I want SHIELDS

FireTree Gamming says:

QnA will aquatic update be on the old consoles?

LIL_J_HILL says:

i want the dolphin to be a mount so badly!

Sqq da dude says:

Will wiiu get it

Sevarate says:

jesus you talk so fast it sounds like you’re gonna run out of breath

jakeclape 1 says:

I think they are going to be on christmas the update

TheRodentMastermind says:

cold water areas, is that new image a group of penguins?

Horndog1045 GamingYT says:

Mob A in 4th Mob D in 3rd Mob C in 2nd and Mob B in 1st

Robert Oravitz says:

that final mob does not have 4 heads
it has 2 , the outer heads are arm

Nathaniel Valentin says:

They should add ocean horns in which you can call the dolphins! And they will pop up from the ocean to be tamed with fish

Pikle Gamer says:

Not in Java

Rsniper15 // says:

I hate mob B because Mob c you can add or remove enchantments and the way Jeb gave more thought for mob c meaning he preferred mob c and also mob b can drop diamonds for all I care I will still go for enchantments because I find over 20 diamond blocks worth naturally meaning mob c would make life easier and you could defeat the ender dragon easier but if you voted for mob B I am sorry you are a noob (mostly noob voted mob b)

KonTranPro _ says:

Its a boss

Shane Alford says:

I feel like the name Stalker fits the creature well

Juice Lego says:

solar eruption

Nathan Miguel says:

Why is minecraft now doing water? Water was fine the way it was, they should have worked on land

Darkangel Soul says:

They’re probably penguins because they’re adding icebergs

Etanjo says:

Wait, is Update Aquatic 1.14? jw

Hamza Shakeel says:

My mob won

Cookie Buildz says:

I though Mob b was a sting ray

Lucaru XYZ says:

I still want Mob C added to the game.

Halbikx says:

Isn’t this update called “The Update Aquatic”?

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