Minecraft- PACMAN SMASHES THE ANGRY BIRDS – Modded Gameplay

Baby Max & the Little Club adventures – angry bird versus pacman

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Hi Guys

It’s Baby Max from the Little Club! Hope you enjoy my kid-friendly funny Minecraft roleplay / gameplay showcase gaming and challenge videos!

I go on lots of adventures with my brother Donut the dog, his best friend Little Donny, my best friend baby Leah, littlelizardgaming and all of the Little Club we really enjoy our fun and games!

Check out my Modded mini games using Minecraft Mods, Custom Maps and join us on the Hypixel and Mineplex servers

My channel is 100% kid friendly, so it’s fun for all the family!

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The Little Club

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Dulris Kennedy says:

Can you please do a regular minecraft video! Please do more rescue squad adventures and beach house adventures if possible!?

SpicyNotSpicy says:

Make clowns vs power rangers

Makena Lei says:

Do rupunzel vs ariel

PikaShrubs says:

Donut didn’t put the safe

Dulris Kennedy says:

Please do a Captain Underpants chop chop! And please put me in the hall of fame?

Paul Plaskota says:

Bendy and the ink machine VS slender man

Thessa Munisar says:

do bendy vs little club

Captain Zack says:

Baby max please reply please tell ropo to accept my roblox freind request my name on roblox is Jackir22366

sapphire fox says:

The muskets vs Bendy

Rhiannon Rusbridge says:

Baby max do this VS Evil Vs good

Test_ User666 says:

1ST!! #loveDTD

Davi TV Gamer says:

I love you guys i hope you make more awsome videos if you agree thanks so much

Alex Taylor says:

Barbie vs Mickey mouse

Smashy dude says:

Scooby Doo vs Pac-Man please

Aryanna Fazli says:

cool video baby max . baby max stay cool.

Dulris Kennedy says:

Captain Underpants vs transformers!

Kariskitty8706 Pettinato says:

Donut the dog is a poop head

Geovany Lopez says:

Baby max I have your brothers skin in minecraft pe hi Donut the Dog

Mr.Shiloh Beagle says:

Terraria vs Minecraft

Sam Stanley says:

Fnaf vs Fnaf

Mini Mounter says:

Prank little donny

Ericka L. Gonzalez de Sum says:

foxy vs  sonic vs  pac man

Smashy dude says:

Scooby Doo vs Pac-Man please

Dylan Long says:

what’s your phone number

Sloths DoGames says:

Guys, whoever subs to me, I’ll sub back! lets help each other! 😀

GamerJay says:

omg i first one

Ivan Tezoco Gonzalez says:

ghostbusters vs slenderman

Charity Ellison says:

I love this video it’s pretty cool

*M7 * says:

do wolf vs snake

Aryanna Fazli says:


Darian Singh says:

It’s awesome and I like it

Anna Joseph says:

plzzzzzzzzz do joker vs harry potter

Candy Dog says:

The little club should make a channel playing games other than minecraft

Bertie Rook says:

baby duck is not call

Jnieto Vlogs says:

awesome video

sapphire fox says:

Little Mix is a band

Aryanna Fazli says:

I love you baby max

Siobhan Tynan says:

Pokemon vs game of thrones

Kariskitty8706 Pettinato says:

Do pacman vs mickey mouse

Aryanna Fazli says:

and have a great day

Jennifer Haliburton says:

your up to come on

Fidel Gonzales says:

Baby duck and donut are mean

DAMIAN Saldana says:

ROBLOX vs captain underpants

Mexicankilla24 says:

7 seven deadly sins vs Bendy and the ink machine for a next video baby max

Dulris Kennedy says:

Desendants 2 chop chop! And Desendants 2 vs Captain Underpants!!!!!

Blue_ Ychamp says:

trolls v.s box trolls please baby max
love your vids

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