Minecraft Nintendo Switch Docked vs. Undocked Comparison! (Switch Minecraft Gameplay)

Minecraft Switch is finally in our hands, and we’re beginning to put it through the paces! Today we check out the new Nintendo Switch game in Docked and Handheld modes. Let us know what YOU think of the two modes’ in the comments down below!

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David Schoennagel says:

I would like Nintendo to make a remake
Mario galaxy 1 & 2 and Zelda Skyward Sword for the Switch
Like if you agree!!!

GEN-01 says:

Minecraft is 720p docked, I don’t know how they could not reach 1080p.


Alex Reid says:

Can we please get a Zelda mashup pack

ElizaShakiraMassani says:

I have never played a minecraft game but for some reason I have a sudden want for it. Maybe it’s the fact that I can basically build my own world with it……. so much potential!

BestPlayer says:

What kind of maps can you download on Minecraft Nintendo Switch?

(Sorry i’m a Minecraft noob :P. I only play on Pocket Edition)

Mark Holliday says:

Can you show off some split screen gameplay?

Super ahmed says:

720p with Minecraft? When docked? …

BlueWingRaptor says:

does minecraft Switch have game chat?!

Gopher Vlogs says:

Why is the render distance different when it’s docked it does not get more powerful

Cubemaster44 says:

Can you please tell me about any touch controls?

RisingODST says:

on PC I get 60fps with few drops on my r7 240 at 1080p with 18 chunks and 2x AA is the switch really that weak? I can’t even play HW2 at 720p lowest settings with this card lol

Allan Catarino says:

the Maximum render distance is 10 chunks? you can get 14 chunks on a FUCKING PHONE

Platinum Warpstar says:

I think the comparison would be better if the camera recording the Switch Handheld was recording at 60fps. I know it’s probably the same framerate, but I think the comparison would just be better if the camera recorded 60fps on the tablet, UNLESS if that’s what the actual game runs at in tablet mode

TheGameSvensken says:

Add me on Nintendo switchFC SW 1463-1599-4022

Benjamin Munk says:

I think I’ll stick to my PC. it costs $70 to as another player, and I can’t afford that right now. I also do like a longer render distance for open world games.

AG64 says:

I thought it comes out tommorow?

animal7 says:

Doe’s anybody have a clue what the price is in the UK for minecraft on the switch.

Alim Koutm says:

Does it still have dlc ? The previous downloadable content in the other versions ?

samo wordo says:

how in hell can they mess up literal *blocks* – who from hell would use triangle based geometry or hi res textures with *BLOCKS* ?
my calculator can run this game. there should be *zero* compromises for this game. performance should be identical across the board.

Michael Withington-Walsh says:

Why tf are the hearts not 1-up mushrooms but the hunger is super mushrooms!?

carlos villalba says:

Docked vs unduuuuuuuucked. Handheld vs consuuuuuule.

tstobbs says:

Is it out right now?

Frozen Music says:

That’s kind of disappointing that we are only getting 720p maximum

Amanda Plays Roblox says:

Is it up to date? R all the updates in

IceZando says:

Lazy port. docked mode is more powerful than the wii U, but, if Switchforce is right, no bump to the resolution?

Marco Garcia says:

60fps on handheld mode?

gmj gamer josh says:

awesome video I hope this is on comment force probably not but awesome game play

Jason G says:

For the life of me, I’m never going to understand the obsession with Minecraft.

Michael Skinner says:

Man I want this so bad…. the ability desire to play on the train is becoming irresistible

BulletTime Duck says:

How much memory does it take up?

Michael Ivanov says:

I have my PS4 “docked” already. So the Switch stays my portable substitution for the Vita/3DS

MatthewNicklesVlogs says:

Can you do a comparison of NBA playgrounds bc im thinking about buying it but you guys said it looked bad on handheld so I might buy it on PS4 but if I thinks it’s okay I’m gonna buy both

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