Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition | Livestream Gameplay Preview!

Gameplay of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition from Abdallah during a 30-minute livestream preview in HD 1080p60 on Nintendo 3DS!


fireandice 0808 says:

It’s not out

Martian kitten says:

Its a ghast

Theo Sese says:

Magma Slime

FAMILY Entertainment_Weekly says:

A mob is the eggs that you spawn in.

TheEmeraldGhast says:

Still why does this exist… but I do like the pc version of Minecraft a bit

Matthew dowdall says:

will you do a series n this

Majora's Wrath says:

Is it in 3d?

Mr .M says:

You are worst at minecraft

PE gaming Games says:

its the eye of ender

TheEeveeSquad 122 says:

That looks pretty fun!

MLG 420 Reker says:

How to trigger a bunch of 12 year olds that don’t have a 3ds.

Atenasing says:

Wow i want to buy it too

S-Mania says:

I’m So getting a new Nintendo 3ds xl! it’s bigger and can play Minecraft?!! WOW!

Thatguyface says:

It’s like the party vita but slightly better

Owen Turnbull says:

thank u very much for the 30 minute preview Abdallah

Meliodaster -ROBLOX says:

Holy shoes. How many do you think this is?

Nathaniel Henry says:

look at your discussion tab

everything is awesomeness 10 says:

I have defeated an enderman in survival before

TrainDunLook says:

What is your gaming setup… I mean how you able to capture 3ds game play?

Owen Turnbull says:

keep up your outstanding content u rock

Kareena 2003 says:

Okay, so if minecraft will go on the Nintendo 3DS, will you have to buy a new version each time mojang updates the game? I mean, you’d be wasting a ton of money buying the earlier versions since Minecraft can update on its on like on a mobile device or on a computer…

Atomic Ifritor says:


Diamond White Tiger says:

I’ve beaten a Enderman In Survival

star punch says:

I’m definitely just gonna stick to the Pc version

Tusamec says:

Can i only Play und the new? Because, i have only the nintendo 3ds xl…

Trey lll says:


IPIE9uY says:

woah… minecraft on the 3ds. its not like everybody wanted it beforehand and made videos for years about it!

Shiny Killer says:

My ZR button stuck and automatic activate :((( ,can i still play minecraft normally?

Theo Sese says:

I beat Hundreds of Endermen!!!

MineCart Beast says:

Yessssssssss it’s out!

YellowDragon Gamer says:

¿Dose the Nintendo 2ds XL will work ?

TheLuckyThirteenth says:

I’m certainly impressed that Minecraft came to the New 3DS, even though it’s been out for literally everything else at this point. I must say, though, that having a second screen for maps and the hotbar to help with exploring is a very welcome addition! While I’m personally planning to get this on Nintendo Switch someday, it’s nice that the option is at least there for anyone who doesn’t have the other systems!

Splitz / Noginata says:

Only Stick C For the Camera ?

Luigi Marinus 2 says:

The best thing about minecraft is everything Free!

Mapphe Plays says:

Or you can play swich

Tyler Cunningham says:

It’s a magma cube

Owen Turnbull says:

wouldn’t it be better to buy minecraft on the switch(if u have one)

T-roy ya boi says:

He laughed because father and mother Christmas was black and not white.

Atenasing says:

I killed tons of endermans in wii u

Josiah Araki says:

What bugs me is this should have happened years ago. People have moved on.

Quincy Handley says:

I played pocket edition (mobile) and xbox one edition

CharlieGMS says:

Or just get the switch version witch looks much better and has multiplayer.

Lennard Norden says:

I shouldn’t buy this game on the 3ds. I would recommed a pc, laptop, xbox, nintendo switch, etc. I believe that abdallah said you can play mulitplayer. Well to all the guys who want minecraft: muliplayer is a big part of the game

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