Minecraft Multiplayer Survival: w/moomoomage – Episode 1

La casa

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natalie L says:

you can cook with wood planks

Debbie Sarmiento says:

hi moomoomage I ask you an invite on Minecraft please accept the invitation to play multiplayer

Lukas Björck says:

it is Xbox 360

NatzPlayz says:

your mic is aids

TylerTheGamer77 says:

In Quitman that’s how you say it correctly

jel ly says:

how do i eat food in mc pocket edition

Charizards Flame says:

DAT pussy

joseph spinale says:

You are awesome dude my

Azlynn Ward says:


Bonnie Hasler says:

My brothers

Zephr Rosander says:


Glenna Mccarter says:

I love your vids so much

Barry Johnson says:


Sebastian Czapiewski says:


Leighton Barry says:


Dat Guy Ben says:

Am I the only one who watched EVERY VIDEO?

Elle Lynn says:


Steven Schehr says:


brody lauritson says:

if you like minecraft like this comment

Lukas Björck says:

What is the name on that texture pack

Kye Norris says:

What’s wrong with your mic

HovsepPlayz 1 says:

I saw hero brine at 3:23

Emerald guf 135 says:

This was made in 2012 I’m going to cry

Jordan Kursave says:

You inspire me to play mine craft all the time

mr-maza says:

what update?

Lukas Björck says:

What is it for texture pack

Muanzuala Varte says:

equipment guys

Third Dash says:

Double tap the sheep to have two whools

Dannion Van Tress says:

Do crafting dead please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UltimateKiller_Z-roblox&more YT says:

your vids are so cool OMG!!!! also i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /

Eric Hoareau says:

why don’t you just make bridge over the lake to the cave

Clayton Kilgore says:

dicks dicks

zay Thurmond says:

can you give me a shout

Nuvia Hernandez says:

it is cool

Crazy Man says:

AstonishingGamer I like you because you don’t just stop doing stuff in minecraft and talk, but you just keep doing things while your talking

Christine Peters says:

Great video

robert fast says:

your the best

Angel Diaz says:


boneboy says:

stop cousing be kid friendly

Morgan Hanson says:

2X2 TUNNELS = HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Layton Beyette says:


Kizzi Rothwell says:

Why do they give us the seed?

THEMONEYBOI flash says:

Hey guys its my birthday and what is want is at leas te 4 subscribirse plz and 40likes

john lee says:


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