MINECRAFT MEETS ELDER SCROLLS?! :: Hurricane :: Early Access Gameplay

● Hurricane is a 3rd person survival game in open fantasy world.
A mysterious hurricane has bought you upon an unknown world, and now you need to survive in it’s hostile environment. You can cooperate with other survivors, do plentiful of tasks such as, exploration, hunting, collecting resources, and crafting items. The most dangerous thing in this realm, is trust. Other survivors will fight you for their own survival and wealth!

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Mark Mamola says:

This really reminds me of runescape. Stiff battling and unlimited arrows. It’s a mix of minecraft and runescape

Gholiath G says:

kinda look like that game called trove

The Omnidon says:

“chesty-like things” you mean boxes lol

Typical Dabs says:


Ryan Jansen says:

This is really cool!

Ask Rønning Remnes says:

Its like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..


sienna haig says:

As soon as I saw elder scrolls and minecraft I clicked! xD

David Allaire says:

Hey xB! Can you tell me what mod the dino repaint tool in Pugnacia is from?

James Muir says:

Hey xB, is it just me or have your vids been a bit quieter lately?

Dragon Empire says:

exiting gameplay! good job keep it up 🙂 ps love the new ark pug series

DanisDGK says:

Since you started talking about cube world… You should play that game.

joel beckdahl says:

does the ark serie upload later plz (BTW Love the pug and annunaki series)

JoelZBub says:

This game concept looks great, but it seems like it’s barely Alpha stage, TBH.
Looking forward to further development, though. I’m with you on liking the graphics in this.
Followed it on Steam. I’m not ready to pull the trigger on supporting it until I’m more sure there will be more content.
Thanks for showing it, xB !

Tom Hale says:

This game has lots of potential, so I’m going to give it a chance.

kai almeida says:

I love this you are so cool you are better than sl1pg8r

Ryan Bradford says:

Make sure you have enough stamina when using the bow, when you have none you do a lot less damage.

Zueljin Gaming says:

Tanky Skeleton Shooting Simulator 2017

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