Minecraft Hunger Games – Diamond Fight (Minecraft Gameplay)

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Hi! Nice meeting you! My name is Jelle, I am a full-time Youtube Content Creator. You pronounce my name as “Jelly” so that is why that is my Youtube name. I love to entertain people, talk to a camera, act and travel! Join my crazy adventure by subscribing! ᵔ.ᵔ

“You Jelly Bro?”


Cori Wears says:

Your a child

Renz Segura says:

you can’t break blocks

crazy cookie1133 says:

I am 2017

Shan Christofer Endaya. Odtujan says:


hee yang says:

you can just press right cleak on the food

Jose ramos says:


Trent Heathwood says:

you can’t eat the cack because you are too far awy all you can’t eat it on suvivle games

cR7 HD says:

Oh my god he won xDDD

Jonathan Martinez says:

Hydro you destroyed my server right now my high school service and thank you for doing that I really won’t remember that

Christian Ruiz says:

you are the beast jelly

annie baker says:

your the best

Gamer Dude says:

my friend said you say hey guys welcome back to another f word video

Brendan Marques says:

ya get texture pack please

Nandara Utomo says:

nice game Kelly

SkYcRaFtEr WtF says:

who watching this on 3050?

Anaisa Zubia says:

Jelly I play hunger games to

crazy cookie1133 says:

lol hung jelle

Raf Hussain says:

Why don,t you cut it in pieces

Cole Whitney says:

you place the melon down then you break it then you get melon slices

Shan Christofer Endaya. Odtujan says:


Jarvis Smalls says:


Anthony Gulley says:


Deakon Pribicevich says:

just very hard to find food

Liam Gulliford says:

I now how to eat

Nandara Utomo says:

i mean Jelly !

Nina Doster says:

sup jelly i love your blog

harley prescott says:

the only one

Bipper 9413 says:

-wtf is this-

ItzYourBoi_ CedricPaulo1507 says:

Jelly you need to break the melon block and place then tap in cake and your hunger will be back to normal

Nandara Utomo says:


Trent Heathwood says:

gelly play minecraft a lot of tims becaus i love you

argela harka says:

You have to make an axe

Robert Leach says:

press left triger

Faris Horani says:

jelly make more minecraft hunger games online

jamie ray says:

Set of damond armor

Matthew Reznikov says:

i love this minecraft

Jennifer Mclearen says:

bruh diamond sword better than bow and arrow

Johnathan Mcgaughy says:

jelly you eat the cake and eat the melens

Braxton Dixon says:

yes I would really like you to put some more videos jelly

Lewis Piyc says:

tecstr park Christmas

Drift king VV says:

WHOs watch om 2017

Miniminter Miniminter says:

no who is waching in 2017

Dr Vijayakumari says:

if you place a cake not in the dirt place in other blocks. there’s not only cake there is baked potoes that you can eat

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