Minecraft Gameplay w/Girlfriend|The End?|Finale

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Larry Alandra says:

Wow no you got on minminecraft

Golden Ninja says:

Resident evil? more like President evil

mikeatx58 says:

i play it

MineCraftGAMER says:

hey everyone gonna let you know i will do gameplay on resident evil 7 soon ;D

mikeatx58 says:

please Minecraftgamer

Brokedown Fox says:

Great vid both of u keep up your guys good work

puma de aur says:

you can’t have diamonds (armor, sword) to defeat ender dragon

XxsilverboyxX - Minecraft and more says:


TheCrazy Gamer says:

you guys are awesome

Robotkid Gaming says:

I’m early as always

Sonicthegamer146 says:

Notifications ON

JoshandBanjoPlays :3 says:

For more u should do MC comes alive, or more creatures

Purple Baguette says:

Minecraftgamer you can upload minecraft-pvp?

mikeatx58 says:

can you play Roblox

Larry Alandra says:


Leon De La Fuente says:


Joshua Derickson8585 Jaiden13 says:

my name is fred bare gamer

MIRNOVEC-ORION Pirotehnika says:

Wil you play manecraft alone?

Bonnie The bunny says:

Hi I love the song u make

Victrap Animations says:

great video!

yosi Dávila says:

one comentario

savvas sachinidis says:

bad very bad !! you dont even use a good microphone!!

llya Kashkin2 says:

s ssssss ssssss! @

FredBear Plush says:

omg I can’t wait for resident evil 7 😀

AmirIsNaughty says:

Well i Think that you should make more Minecraft because when YOU are at the end fight with enderdragon 😉

edward cox says:

4th comment

Liam Haney says:


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