Minecraft – ESCAPE FROM SLENDERMAN WOODS – Modded Gameplay

Baby Max & the Little Club adventures – Minecraft – ESCAPE FROM SLENDERMAN WOODS – Modded Gameplay

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Hi Guys

It’s Baby Max from the Little Club! Hope you enjoy my kid-friendly funny Minecraft roleplay / gameplay showcase gaming and challenge videos!

I go on lots of adventures with my brother Donut the dog, his best friend Little Donny, my best friend baby Leah, littlelizardgaming and all of the Little Club we really enjoy our fun and games!

Check out my Modded mini games using Minecraft Mods, Custom Maps and join us on the Hypixel and Mineplex servers

My channel is 100% kid friendly, so it’s fun for all the family!

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Jack Bryan says:

do you know how slender man is

Irfan Sonawala says:

How did you do that baby max you just jump in his face and ran with out him seeing you?..

Mia Perez says:

on this day u will repay

Bianca Castro says:

I was the 17 one to like

FNAF Plush World says:

That’s baby duck as slenderman

Irfan Sonawala says:

Ask slender why is he tiring to kill everyone and let’s see what he does…

Baby Max says:

Who love these scary vids and who wants more?????

Turki Alasiri says:

that slender man is fake it is baby duck

R J says:

Make more video D(;

McKayla Genia says:


Supercerealgaming says:

quote of the day ” hello smellymenderman” xD

Captain Zack says:

Baby max can you please tell ropo and sharky to accept my roblox freind request

The Gamez says:

1 can I get likes please it’s my birthday

Dulris Kennedy says:

Do a transformers vs ice age verses!!!!!

Ajax Poyo says:

The baby max cool

Aryanna Fazli says:

me . can you make more of hello neighbor please

Elly Brown says:

Thank you Guys you Make me laugh

Noobkiller Noobkiller says:

man smells like poop

NBC LOVE says:

Baby max can you please do a vs with little Kelly and Little Donny versus little Carly and little Leo.

camila lopez says:

baby max can you do more horror video

Zulima Benitez says:


Anne Loran says:

check his name tag to nowe if is not slendar-man if it is somting difrint


I want more but next time Jeff the killer

Yang Artigo says:


Orfa Rivera says:


#the cute cat Kitty says:

I love your video!!!!

Elly Brown says:

I love you people

Dragosi și Royal says:


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