Minecraft Console Edition – NEW TU46 END + END CITY GAMEPLAY!


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Hello and welcome back to some more early sneaky preview of the new title update 46 – This gameplay is from Minecraft’s twitch stream last night which you can check out above, this shows the new END and re-birthing the dragon etc.

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YoshiGamingHD 802 says:

I hope update tomorrow <3

Courtney Weeks says:

How come ps3 and xbox360 didn’t get the update yet?

Suliman Alqattan says:

can i have the pickachu hat behind

MetaKnight _Gamer says:

It won’t update on my Xbox360

TBNRDeath YT says:

guys on my screen it says ecko has 699’914 subscribers JK I just inspected it on my computer and changed the number

lolxbrqndon //Youtube says:

Isn’t 1.9 In the New Update?

Aiden Rice says:

So is the update

Janet Akwah-Frempong says:

EKO can I post this to my friends please

TEger Gaming says:

is it on 360

Platinum SerpentGameing says:

like number 1,400

King_mcwill Johnson says:

do you know if its gonna be on ps3?

Puppyman22 says:

I hope the update comes out today 🙁

Bay games-Roblox and more! says:

OMG YAY!!! 😀

Goku Black says:

the update how to install it on xbox one you have to put the game disc in or start the game if you bought it from the store then when it is starting you will return home and it will say minecraft needs an update

Dick Balls says:

I have still not got the update yet

jbryant527 says:


test128 The roblox player says:

I see JT MACHINIMA I think is that him?

epic face46 says:

What editing software do u use

Toxic Destroyer500 says:

Ecko still no update yet does that mean it’s being released on wedsday

Mickey Voice says:

when is the update coming

Kid Fury says:

ECKO am I stupid or do u like pe better than console (I have both) 😉

Yanet Ramirez says:

why can’t we get spectator are hardcore or debug modes

Sheryl Decker says:

Nvm its fine when loading now (For PC)

multiverse gaming says:

is the update out yet

Mr Webb says:

Why does every minecraft person on YouTube have to upload this more than once

Ricky Weldon says:

Subscribe to me

Goku Black says:

Im just saying to the people who do not know how to update it

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