Minecraft: Battle Multiplayer Gameplay – 1080p 60FPS

Here’s our full gameplay video of Minecraft: Battle the new multiplayer mini game arriving on all console versions this June. For full impressions check out our other video at the link below.



adam grzeskowiak says:

fajn ocinek super

Noel Daghefali Larsson says:

And you cant take allthing in a chest LOL

Aras Yurdaer says:


Kuljetus T.Oksanen says:


Aras Yurdaer says:

Im popi

Paul Coulter says:


הקריפר הלבן says:


Sharon Nurse says:

he does not know what hes doing

09 Mooseboy says:

Bro he just stated probably better than yall

Blanca Ortega says:

I have played this before

Christian Eggers says:

scheiß map

Alexandra Chelaru says:

Super episode

Caden Ramsey says:

hey don’t feel bad your just fine I think your good

AMANDA Obrien says:


Riva Azzahra says:

what steve


My username on ps4 is Dayvj

mike mcness says:

I love this mode on minecraft

Judith & Rob Op avontuur met de camper says:


Breshad Robinson123 says:

You should get a mic

Kuljetus T.Oksanen says:


Elias Fardin says:

Eixos usos nosisudo

Alex Ramirez says:

You suck

Влaдислaв Илчов says:


MH9 - Max Held9 says:

What couldn’t you just click LB to get all items in the chest

Jorge Nunez says:


Paul Coulter says:


Noel Daghefali Larsson says:

You cant fight LOL

lukitommele Majcher says:

i mean im quicker but im still bad with da bow

Jooa Vuorinen says:

noob player XD.

Noel Daghefali Larsson says:

Lol all players are noobs and you too LOL

Ivliane Ivlo says:

welp i love this but this is my first time playing minecraft am happy 🙂

Cup Head says:

I have that mod

The Gaming Wolf says:

Subscribe to my channel

Tetyana Zhuravska says:

worst itor on youtube!!

mike mcness says:

Tip: when ur looking in a chest press rb on the controller and u get all stuff from it fast.

gemmy AFK!! says:

i hate salem i hate him so much

Errol Mcnaught says:

It’s going to be great

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