Minecraft Baby – WOLVERINE Vs HELLO NEIGHBOUR – Little Club Modded mini game, gameplay

Baby Max & the Little Club adventures – Minecraft Baby – WOLVERINE Vs HELLO NEIGHBOUR – Little Club Modded mini game

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Hi Guys

It’s Baby Max from the Little Club! Hope you enjoy my kid-friendly funny Minecraft roleplay / gameplay showcase gaming and challenge videos!

I go on lots of adventures with my brother Donut the dog, his best friend Little Donny, my best friend baby Leah, littlelizardgaming and all of the Little Club we really enjoy our fun and games!

Check out my Modded mini games using Minecraft Mods, Custom Maps and join us on the Hypixel and Mineplex servers

My channel is 100% kid friendly, so it’s fun for all the family!

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The Little Club

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Kamel mebarki says:

Wolverine vs superman

sir dano says:


L McCulloch says:

do black panther vs winter solger plz

Diana Domingo says:

do five nights at freedys vs advengers

Shannon Saulsberry says:

yeah do a superman vs batman

Brittany Gonzalez says:

it’s a draw no no no I’m pretty sure that baby max should of won he’s awesome and donut did good but I’m sure that baby max should of won

Persephone Fleury says:

do harly quin vs the neighbor

love your vids

Becky the Bee says:

Do superman vs batman

Brittany Gonzalez says:

baby max you should do a hello neighbor vs hello neighbor’s wife epic fight against each other vs 🙂

Lorena Pelayo says:


creeper 123 says:

first yay

VFchillen4 says:

cool video baby max

Camia Allen says:

your awsome and the best baby max!♥♥♥★★★

Martha Peña says:

Second yes

Brittany Gonzalez says:


ll ll says:

wolverine vs batman pls !!!

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