Minecraft – Ali-A’s Adventure #118 – “SECRET BASE!”

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Minecraft #118 – MY AWESOME BASE! 😀
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Welcome to my Adventure in the world of Minecraft (Ali-A’s Adventure). Please realise I am new to Minecraft and any help you can give me within the comments of this video will help! Make sure you’re SUBSCRIBED for all future Minecraft videos. Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

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Minecraft – Ali-A’s Adventure #118 – “UNDERGROUND BASE!”
Minecraft – Ali-A’s Adventure #118 – “UNDERGROUND BASE!”
Minecraft – Ali-A’s Adventure #118 – “UNDERGROUND BASE!”


Oxana Starikova says:

i’m not a girl i’m a boy so ali a are u on crazy craft and computer or are you not?

mary pan says:

you had eight pistons in the third chest uptairs

Kloud Gaming says:

i like how the diamonds look in his texture pack

deadopskiller012 says:


GamingTec101 says:

LOL he sounds so gay in this video(no hate on my gay bros) now he sounds straight now that he’s with his GF LOL

just notice this now <3

Tãîgã Kãgãmî says:

Dude you should combine to sharpness 3 diamond sword and combine it with the sharpness 4 then you got sharpness 5 and unbreaking 4

Elizabeth Testerman says:

what texture pack do you use
who’s watching in 2016

Dead x Gaming says:


Retro Gaming says:

Hay AliA I would really like to play minecraft with you Plz 🙂

Strive Blaziken says:

like it

Chelsea Douglas says:

Alia is a big nobe in aircraft

Devoney Debarros says:

it has to in a mouin

Timslash1 says:

It is called a spider jockey

Isaiah Menear-El says:

helow mi naim is James

fatima desai says:

u good in red stone

mr meme says:

he sucks shit

Majid Mehmood says:

ali a should no about redstone if noes how to craft everything

Chelsea Douglas says:

Sorry alia I mean mincraft

George Pappas says:

alia your awesome

Sizuh says:

What kinds of mods do you use in this video,” especially the shadow one”

deadopskiller012 says:

alia your’re the best youtuber ever I saw how to minecraft season 1 and 2 and crazy craft and skywars

Kayla Bowes says:

When you first meet vick

daledgend1981 says:

I don’t which your adventures and I’m 7

Kevin Barrett says:

Hi ali your better than stampy

mary pan says:

you already had 63 redstone torches in the chest witch the room had all the furnaces

Mafia XxWunder says:

Hey ali a what textures pack u used?

Strive Blaziken says:

pleas sub to me JD

V1k1ngm4dn3ss says:

I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Chelsea Douglas says:

Alia is a big none at filing down lasers in aircraft

Rockiesman says:

Hes kinda like Elegard

Sayas Sultan says:

u dont need secret base no one is there

Trina Long says:

Can you show us how you build your house because it looks sick alia

Trevor Chaplin says:

Dude, this is awesome!

Leanne Martin says:


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