Minecraft 2 With Circles!? – Notches New Game (Gameplay)

One of the weirdest stories, is a new game “thing” being developed by Notch!

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Jeremy Boateng says:

I know its a game in Alpha

but holy crap this looks like a game from 1999.

Daniel BRAZUKA says:

Notch is dead.

Stuff says:


Akif Aiman says:

Is this old style game with new engine?

Ice Bear says:

He ran out of money didn’t he?

Ihmisen Kuva says:

You should learn how to speak properly.

abe yo says:


Take a breather

Speak slower

Harith K says:

Realistic craft hd

Vin P says:


Joshy Sloshy says:

i dont like the minecraft 2 look… i like minecraft 1 better

Taren says:

That’s a sphere. Not a circle. Huge difference.

Communist Dog says:

Title says “(Gameplay)” However in the video you say its “not gameplay”. I want a refund.

Regredule says:

the game looks terrible I’d stick with the original minecraft

Jonni_Darko says:

Minecraft 2: The Massive Mountain Vagina

luke w. says:

Talk slower holyshit

Overkill says:

Dude. You would be better off being an auctioneer knowing how damn fast you’re talking.

ZeroSubs 0 says:

Don’t listen to his voice in x2 speed.

JAX. Exe says:

Another cancerous game for 2020. YouTube will become a a place for famous idiots because of one he they play. How about a game that your a god creating a world. That’s it in down sides.

I’ve been sending weekly letters to both Sony and Microsoft to give us mods for Minecraft. This was like a couple years ago and get a response saying they’ll include mods for the Xbox on Minecraft 10th anniversary. Sony still has yet to respond.

Meenu Chandra says:


Isaac Abella says:

Cave game

MutoreoCookie says:

kids will ruin it too

The Aegis says:


Dylan Glass says:

Talk slower

Meef RBLX says:

You talk too fast 😮 Im sorry but no offend or anything :p

HEY CAKE says:

Now Apple Will buy IT ;D

Mr. unitato says:

Just play space enginners

Fidget Spinner says:

*M O Y A N G*

Jk Howling says:

You talk really, really fast my man.
Game looks like it may have potential though. Hope Notch has some fun making it.

Apsido - says:

Nigga *B R E A T H E!!*

Michael O'Shea says:

how much meth are you on?

Arthur N. says:

I think this is RubyDung

DadTDM says:

God: i can make squares
Notch: me too!
God: …
God: i can make toilets

Notch: made in china

Jeremiah Akeni says:

Ima say it now *minecraft has died*

MeepHasNoLife says:

i love notches. they’re easy to make, and you can insert things into them.

Lighting Dark Night says:

Hey should make it better and multiplayer like mmorpg

Daily Hacks says:


Vkimer says:

why do you say moyang? it’s called mojang

EnderDragon boss says:

He said Mohan he said it in sweidish not engilash

Lesbian Couch says:

Why do I get a first person 3d runescape feeling?

Sky Valcon says:

Ibxtoycat:”The founder of Mogang-Notch”

Jace Joiner says:

Slow down

Keys Gaming says:

i dont like minecraft this just sounds cool

Yellow Goo Troll man says:

I think a future meme is born..

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