Minecraft 1.9 | A NEW BETTER START |#1| Hardcore Survival Gameplay

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Welcome to a 1.9 HARDCORE SURVIVAL MINI SERIES Minecraft Gameplay video where we adventure into a new Minecraft 1.9 Survival world in Hardcore mode. Our aim is to survive whilst looking at all the new features for the latest Minecraft 1.9 update.

Minecraft 1.9 | DEAD ALREADY?!! |#1| Hardcore Survival Gameplay

I hope you enjoy the video! /o/

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Purple Craft says:

I subscribed!

bandario Castellax says:

“No one can get into me’ ashdubh March 2016

Jojo seay says:

make a shield to protect you from the skull bones

EricTheGamerYT says:


Yousif Alshehab says:

Hey ash what is the seed to this world

Clark's music videos & more!! says:

Be sure to put the roof first. what is a house without a roof

Yoghurtyoda says:

mobs can spawn in your house cause there are no torches

Hasnain Ali says:

I just subbed.

xChwster - Hamza says:

omg my skin

Nicholas Egan says:

That is not a new flower, 1.8 added tulips, oxeye daisies, sunflowers, azure bluets ( what you have), lillac, Rose bushes, allium, peonies, and blue orchids.

Crimson Powar says:

what’s the seed? I kinda wanna play hardcore like u.

Ryan mincraft gamer says:

i hate fishing rod spanner i relly

Sticker Bomb says:

Your talking like Dantdm bro i like it

Dreamercat _ says:

I have the same problem with uploading as you do XD!
Estimated Upload time:

BlueFizz says:


Adonis Fullwood says:

1:45 that’s dangerous!! lmao

Brady Docherty says:

Your house is tiney

Michael Vinson says:

Kill 50 blaze in survival

The real Monkeyman2002 says:

Use an axe it died more damage

Vision Support says:

u need 16 stone to get a axe pickaxe sword and a furnes

MemeMaker420 says:

GET CANCER ashdubb

Its Kristina nn says:

fack ash dub

Peejay Galang says:

Best series ever!!!

A_llama_ Draws says:

1.9 comes out… The zombie and skeleton has different animations! There are now wings!
Ash: the door sounds are different!

xbox_games43 says:

those flowers rn’t new LOL lomfo

A_llama_ Draws says:

I love how ur always so positive

no one anonoymous says:


Nicole Andre says:

practice falling attacks with a stone axe it will one shot a cow tip to use torches to make a safe staircase mine to find iron armor inside your house

Nicole Boquet says:

That wasn’t a new flower

Jenny Wildish says:

So goog your lucky on mincraft I ply on a ps4 🙁

Daniel Woodward says:

not as good as hxc

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