Minecraft 1.14 – FIRST Dolphin Gameplay, Jumping!

Our first dolphin gameplay in Minecraft 1.14For Minecraft Xbox & Minecraft Java / PE

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Trev Auton says:

I’m still confused to why they added polar bears but will never add sharks. Cuz polar bears are also endangered

Jared Kinz says:

Will this feature come to even the old versions?
Like Wii U?

Xander Man says:

What about fish in update aquatic

Mordi334 says:

it would be cool if they made it to when your drowning dolphins would know and they would push you to the surface.

REHJR2008 says:

toycat doesnt talk like this. itsmorelikethisifyoucanunderstandwhatimsaying?

thepap 000 says:

So what was the joke that dawned on you?

Mjm0708 says:

The model of the dolphin just goes to show that they didn’t need to change the horse model.

Syi Burragr says:

I’m gonna build a huge aquarium

The Legendary Gamer says:

Can you ride the dolphin

Jblitz 15 says:

Looks so good.

x BOBAHKA23 x says:

Dat is dalfin, OOOOOOO!!


Man if Riding dolphins is possible then doesnt that mean that someone will make a hardcore parkour race minigame.

Aiden Walker says:

Why am I not getting notifications until almost a day later?

Cheats gamerbr says:


Cookie Lover says:

Parrots where in the 1.12 update not 1.11

Eric Sanders says:

I am

Darth_Turtle05 says:

More importantly:Where is our turtle gameplay? 😉

Cool Ghost Kid says:


The Sus Bus says:

Is update Aquatic going to be on Console? I know that only Java and Bedrock are going to be the only platforms getting updates after this (if that’s true)…

Dominic Gomez says:

Is ps4 getting the aquatic update i hope it is

Gabe Kelm says:

I think that I also saw the spawn egg in the hotbar it may change tho :b (and yes in exited)

Jamie Lezcano says:

I hope we do get more mobs later down the line. I’d love to see seahorses or pandas. Plus they have thought about pandas and cherry trees. Cherry trees would be great too

EnderFive5 says:

Wait so that photo that every one thought was a shark is a dolphin it just clicked

Shot Goat says:

How did she manage to film a 144p in 2018?

Reek the Pug says:

It took me some TIME to get the joke at the and of the video

Marcos luiz lima says:

am i the only one who noticed that they also have a spawn egg?

Ninjaiden says:

Is Ocean Aquatic coming to Xbox One?

HeroSlasher Gaming says:

The animation is sooo good

Skydog07 says:

Who TF said there’s gonna be turtles

mark allenayers says:

Xbox one just got an update. Any news on what it was for?

Fiwee Kiwee says:

I actually had a dream a long time ago that I was in a beta version of minecraft pocket edition and I found a strange, and supposedly rare structure. It was five one by one obsidian pillars with a dirt circle in the middle. I call this structure “monolith beta”

Nzack Playz says:

Whats in her fourth slot?

Juicebox ! says:

Can you actually ride the dolphins?

Suzanna Now what says:

How long before PS4 release

Kim Woodruff says:

I hope they add foxs soon

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