MINECRAFT 1.14 & 1.3 – NEW Dolphins Gameplay Preview + Textures Changing Again!


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Welcome everyone to my first Minecraft News video for 2018! looks like update aquatic is in full swing and we’ve been given a gameplay preview of Dolphins new and improved! this update is coming this year let me know what you are excited about!


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Liamgamer147 says:

if i have the Minecraft (Bedrock) : Aquatic Update i’m going to make a Ocean Park

Theauramasternul says:

How do you make a 10 second clip into a 5 minute video?

That_One_Kid says:

They should add clams and rarely they would have a pearl inside

XiqeuElite 55 says:

Not first cuz i dont care

Moon Fox says:

I think they definitely need to add crabs or tiny little like sea creatures star fish, maybe jellyfish, clams idk just my thought and all that we know do far is fish, DOLPHINS and turtles sharks are not but plz add some more sea animals WHALES!!!! lol would love to see them hahahah finding dory

Luka Nedeljkov says:

I love the ores

Brian the Trainer says:

They should add pirate ships dungeons with the Illagers as the pirates and they’re smart to step on pressure plate cannons and they should bring back the illusioner

bludrax 223 says:

I think glowing ores would look cool in mining because it would be easier to spot them in the distance

ZP's Cooking,Gaming & More says:

I think they should use the new glass texture but when you put multiple glass panes or blocks next to each other, the outer edge of the glass dissapears except for the edge of your window

Ren Ramirez says:

hope they’d really add the shields in bedrock

FreshFrendosYT 2 says:

Wouldn’t mind a water based boss

MEGA pixels says:

They should add a whale not a big one just medium sized whale

Miner032 says:

But they already had a glow for the updated textures xD
I think *that* looked better

Jerey Fergerbuger says:

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ExplodingCreeper/ Tassosman says:

It is confirmed by a developer on Twitter ,that they won’t be rideable because it is animal cruelty … 🙁
(Maria Lemon)

the legendary legend says:

Hey if texture for minecraft is changing will the leg minecraft change too?

Mango Gamer_YT says:

Mojang should Add a Aligator/Crocodile to swamps to make swamps better now we only have the witch hut in swamps. like the comment if you agree =)

Moon Fox says:

Wish we saw a gameplay of the fish tanks how they work.


I want them to add orcas because they’re not adding sharks

Misael Valdez says:

Ecko do you think we could get a boss mob for the sea so they could be more interesting

M Loutit says:

Jelly fish

Xtreme says:

Alligators and or crocodiles should be added

Trek_Backgr07nd says:

I can not wait to find out what this update is like!

Lyazid Santiago says:

QnA : Since the new water physics are coming, what about the torch? If water can affect torches in real life, could it be possible for the developers add a wet/unlit torch if it’s underwater and it extinguishes? This could be unique.

zakarea glore says:


StampyOverload says:

Hey Ecko! I think that maybe they should add crabs in Minecraft, I think that they would be a good addition to the game. They could even give an introduction to sea shells and they can be an feacher that you can hold the shell up to your ear and her the ocean. Like if you agree.


Wish they will add piranhas

Amir Muthnna says:

Keep Up Bro 🙂

Gaming Master Yt says:

I would build a huge aquarium and put dolphins and turtles so the dolphins do tricks around the pool

Diego Mendez says:


Magma Warrior GR says:

I think the glass should connect!

legend 27 says:


TheZombiesPsyche says:

you BETTER be able to ride them!

Dan Chandler says:

jellyfish, seagulls, pellacans and star fish

Trek_Backgr07nd says:


Icy Bound says:

I don’t like the glass -_-

Disloyal Wolf says:

The glass is bad

Jason Hoffman says:

The totem of undying looks way to dumb and derpy in the new texture, I really don’t think they should change it

XHeyItsSophieX says:

Is the update out now?

burnmonster 5122 says:

They should add jellyfish and crocodile

JoeyG YT says:

i wonder if we could RIDE dolphins!

Jack Bergman says:

sperm whales as another hostile mob in the ocean.

HeroGamer340YT says:

Mojang should add whales specifically shamoo from sea world 😉

turtlingwaffle says:


burnmonster 5122 says:


iOSGamer says:

How are you doing today, you know what i am going to do make a zoo when the new update come out with dolphins, turtels, lamas,parrots and mutch more, maby an idea for a survival for some one

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