Minecraft 1.12 – New Mob, PET PARROTS (Details, Gameplay)

A brand new mob is coming in the 1.12 colour update, it’s a parrot!

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Ag silver Radio says:

Birds are one of my favorire animals! Expecally amazon birds, so yay!

Kooka Man says:

You’re now a Minecraft pirate! XD

BrickFaceXD says:

What they need to do is make it where if you add a creeper head to your bed it will be a creeper head bed if you know what I mean. ( same goes for zombie and both wither and regular skeletons)

Roxanna Smith says:

I was so triggered when you said Red and blue parrots bc they are macaws

TurTleguy123r says:

colored beds for bed wars

Jimmy Buster says:

omg yes finally

Calvin Koh says:

wait but i have 1.12

Luis Sanchez says:

LOL 3:00 someone said go away and toycat said ok LOL

Fox _ says:

What’s next for the colorful update different races of villagers?

JessicatMC says:

Cool, a new outro! I like the music. Also 1.12 hype!!


just saying you really don’t play Minecraft pc

Anonypig says:

Parrots parrots parrots parrots… and DYEABLE BEDS! This is awesome 🙂

Griffin Craft11 says:


Cyborgstar says:

I like the new outro 🙂

Isabella Sanchez says:

OMG I am so freaking excited yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ag silver Radio says:

They need to make rabbits tameable too. In fact, why not make all animals tamable, just incase you want that animal as a pet. there doesn’t need to be a use for taming them, as long as you can have them follow you, and they don’t despawn once tamed.

Jozeph Pete says:

They should make bats tameable

Parag Parab says:

Nooooo not dyable beds

Ben Be Jammin says:

Not to ruin the part y but thei update won’t come on Xbox for awhile and probably not half of what the update has to Xbox 360

kmon91 says:

Minecraft gods plus toycat

Make them drop wings to make elytra

Like if u agree.

Dragon Head says:

noo rip outro song

Dr. Sasquatch667 says:

yes more birds

Cat_lovr kitty says:


Νικος Μαρκοπουλος says:

OMG i saw something in the parrot video
! to the left of the big jungle tree on the front, there is something like a new plant…!

TLGbluezangoose XD says:

ocarina of time

star wars says:

is the update just for PC only

Jordan Schriver says:

I like the new intro!

Dana Espina says:

what if parrots are the key to levitation potions?

Geometry Dash Emerald says:

xD “go away” “okay, sorry”

Curly Fries5669 says:


Logan Scow says:

I wish one of the parrots was a toucan

Cuplex says:

Toycat forgot to include the other suspected features such as custom crafting recipes, custom achievements and advancements…. still a great video though.

Halo_Gaming says:


DarkPandaLord says:

I want Mojang to release a mob or 2 every couple of updates because Minecraft really needs some more mobs. I’m looking forward to a mob update which adds tons of new mobs to Minecraft like pandas and turtles and such. Mobs are literally my most favorite aspect to Minecraft!

TFC Snipes says:

+ibxtoycat bro they say this is for pc and xbox one

Kimberly Flores says:

I Love Parrots!!!

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