Minecraft 1.11 Exploration Update – All NEW Mobs Gameplay Showcase Minecon 2016 (PC Edition)


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Hey guys how you doing, my names ecko and welcome back to part 2 of the NEW Minecraft 1.11 update, some amazing things get shown in this video which we can all play on Wednesday. HIT that LIKE button if you are excited to check it out!
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Mak the Assassin says:

This will help for water temples

skylander boy says:

when I is coming out

Roger. C says:

ecko or anyone, do you think minecraft is ending

Kayl Taco says:

jeb looks so awkward

Crybaby says:

Is it just me or is the audience REALLY awkward?

Gaming Boy 101 YT says:

gecko do update your YouTube?

Enes Ulusan says:

shuleker chest?

Erica Pro says:

Is this for Xbox?

Guillermo The Man says:

is this for mcpe

L AS Ξ R says:

the evoker is this cool

Gabe C says:


Mishpãré Urśhjìlk says:

This looks cool, let me just mark my cal lender three years down the line for it to come to console

Awesome Gaming says:

llama spit!

Mahdi Ma says:

intro music please ?

Xhero-gamesX says:

I love minecon❤️❤️

xVertigo says:

No freakin way that’s pretty sick but tbh I liked Minecraft how it was in 1.9 I mean we could just download mods for this

Harvey Plays says:


Atiman does Gaming says:

Mojang is cheating with the consoles we Hadley got the full combat update but the pc gets 1.11 what the hell

Zac Gaming says:

how to download this minecraft new version

GK says:

NOOO, my alpacas ;_;

xFoxyK says:

Minecraft is being ruined one update after the other. Not that I hate MC.
Old Minecraft was better.

TheEmarldminecart // Ethan says:


Bryan Cruz says:

jeb is now our savior

TYthePIE says:

is it coming to ps4

DopeCrafterz says:

Hey guys if you enjoy his channel you will enjoy mine I upload very often please show support and subscribe comment on my latest video saying you did and I’ll subscribe back!

94k views 999k views says:

Ahh remember when there was random Steves and you wiggled your arms around the good old days

Xhero-gamesX says:

I am not have 1.11??

YT Ghost Gamer says:

K dude

Amazing Ren says:

could you ask the developers if they will asd theas features to pe

Rainskie Gaming says:


EverOasis Nathan says:

is hat mansion from story modee?

Dominic says:

Add Pandas and ill be satisfied and play Minecraft for ever

Keala says:

They should add foxes to be tamed, rarer than ocelots and wolves, they’d scare off creepers and fight mobs, but less DMG and less health, and come in red, white, and gray

Matheus Silva Cirico says:

that mansion on my opinion its base off the withe punpuking mansion from minecraft story mode i hope they add the wither storm

Bagrisham says:

Obviously by using mult-hand options, I’m suspecting that Minecraft will be pushing towards VR.

DDxX ə says:


kid modder says:

1.11 MINECRAFT IS HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zapedy Speed says:

Hess lama is finally in mc XD

jeioislife says:

ECKOSOILDER I just found cool seed with you spawning in the middle of a village and some of the houses are half houses! The seed is just totally random. The seed is : immortalsrule

Lucas999 MLGPro says:

There are fucking Lamazz .-. ohh c’mon notch u don’t have ideas

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