MCPE 1.1 UPCOMING FEATURE GAMEPLAY! | Minecraft PE 1.1 new block resource pack [Minecraft PE 1.1]

MCPE 1.1 feature gameplay! It’s not clickbait, homie. Someone ACTUALLY transferred upcoming files from Minecraft 1.12 to Minecraft PE 1.0.3! The files are CONFIRMED according to MCPE 1.1 news. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1 is soon to come! If you want more news videos like this, DISCRIMINATE that like button!


►DANK intro by SharkFX:


Phileas 3rd person gun battle says:

Can I get pinned and get 90 like then I can get an Samsung 7 and I will sub you

The Diamond Duplicator says:

Honestly I Hate The Lime Green I will miss the old one (I will find a way to make a texture pack)

Peyton Caldwell says:

It’s not clay it’s concrete

Zambie says:

that mr krabs mom house

Extreme Cookie says:

Can You Do a 360° Video Aghq? Please

Mojang 345 says:

you said MCPC

zack DePietro says:


efa faiz says:

update so fast coming minecraft PC 11.2 and we news MCPE 11.1

shravya Sharma says:

thanks for downloading my map slingshot pe

Cameron Fink says:

Hay there aghq, could you do a tutorial on how to upload worlds onto

Mackenzy Gerard says:

My name is Nathaniel and if you throw lingering potion or a splash potion on fire even with netherack on it it gose out

Bajan Canadian says:

Hey i am long time watching you along time ago you did a vid about (how to make a server in pe) can you find out how to do it in new version

Bearboy B3AST says:


EpicAssassinG 256 says:

Hey AdventureGamingHQ | MCPE Your intro is awesome!

Building&Archery Tips says:

Why does everyone think that it’s clay it’s not it is actually concrete block

Alexander Moss says:

perfect for a lucky block map

faisal eagle eye says:

me I hope armour stands and other pc features come in mcpe

kirkgaming YT says:

Well I play Minecraft PC both of them PE and PC

Unity Box says:


Ramil Caballero says:

I love the new intro! 🙂

Diamond_ Master says:

Guys its 2017 IS Hypixel gonna back in mcpe? cause they said that in “2017” they will gonna be back at mcpe is this even true? I hope yes

AdventureGamingHQ | MCPE says:

Turns out the colored “clay” is CONCRETE!!! Whaaaat???

TheFakePro gaming says:

I discriminated that like button. and I am a potato that is over 9000.

Looolilex - says:

Where’s the spongebob map??

zarna thakkar says:

pe should be shut down

Pro_gamer Philippines says:

Watching at november 46 4567 remember this kids;)

BabyDaisy Dino says:

how did you get them but we cant yet?

Laurie Loves Gaming says:

The pink anchor house next to Mr Krab’s house is his mother’s house

Heng De Jun says:

Who agrees AGHQ is running out of ideas?

Toriqul Islam says:

Nice intro 🙂

Daniel's Gameing8766 says:

Check out my YouTube channel I do minecraft let’s play

zack DePietro says:

If gaming pinned this I believe he reads he’s comments

SplotchyManxYT says:

That map is really old



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