LOST IN A MASSIVE CAVE IN MINECRAFT VR! | Minecraft VR Gameplay Part 2 (HTC Vive)

I SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE IN THAT CAVE! TRAPPED IN MINECRAFT! | Minecraft VR Gameplay Part 2 (HTC Vive) | Kindly Keyin
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Welcome to Minecraft in VR! This is a really cool mod for Minecraft that allows you to play it on the HTC Vive!

Minecraft Gameplay Details:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson, and later fully developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world.

Vivecraft Mod Details:

Full roomscale support: Walk around your room as you mine and build. Blocks in Minecraft are 1 meter in size. You’ll be amazed how big they really are!
World scaling: Scale your size in the world up or down. Play as an ant or a giant!
Break blocks and fight by swinging your hands!
Shoot your bow by drawing and aiming two-handed!
Climb, swim, run, jump, sneak, eat, and row by actually doing the motion!
Feed animals, mount horses, and fill buckets just by touching!
Play with your friends and see each other’s VR movements. (even for 2d players!)
Multiple VR locomotion options for your preferred playstyle:
Arc teleportation (with optional limitations for a balanced survival experience).
Free-movement in the direction you are pointing the controller or your head.
Walkabout-style of rotation to use 100% room-scale movement.
Seated play with WASD in your look direction
Climbey-inspired wall-scaling and leaping


Tuntuni Pakhi says:

If you take the gold you are gonna find diamond

Sethyboy says:

What it is like being in Minecraft VR? How realistic does it feel when you are in the game?

dang ly says:

I played minecraft in my computer

Sajdeep Handa says:

Hi kindly keyin if you place 3 planks under 3 wool and bammmmmm!!!!!!!!! You have a bed

Gamer Boy Liam says:

In Minecraft on the Computer if you click t on your keyboard that’s chat so you can right stuff but it’s for 2 Player

Roy Zvenky says:

GET ARMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deadbushpotato 23 says:


SuperGavinMan says:

the “poor man” is a preist, and the “home” you stole in the biggenging of the eppisode was a church.

deadbushpotato 23 says:

Play more gold rush plsss

Janet Miller says:

Sleep in a bed at night

Furqan Qureshi says:

You can make a wooden house and make glass by melting sand you can make armour also

deadbushpotato 23 says:

Hope you had a great Christmas

Father&Songamertv says:

Kindly keyin did you know that diamonds are very rare but emeralds are hard to find?

thedarkknite Seamuskills says:

hit something while falling for a crit hit


“We won’t. Kill horses there majestic animals *kill a chicken*” kindly 2017

Sajdeep Handa says:

Sorry keyin I didn’t saw the whole video and I told the recipe of a bed

Zach McGarvey says:

there are colored beds

thedarkknite Seamuskills says:

also mobs dont spawn in light use your torches

chuck hoerr says:

You can make dye whit flowers and put it on a sheep to make it that color.

TACO 90 says:

Can you please play more. Love you’re vids.

Gamer Boy Liam says:

There is no mod for different colour beds

Captain T0ad says:

I like minecraft and VR pls make a big series.i was a huge noob in minecraftand i couldnt build even a craftingmtable. Now i think im a pro(nobody told me im a pro)you have to write sleep to sleep

ali abdu albaqy says:

hey Keyin! you can make coal by burning a tree wood and regular wood

Tomas Oflaherty says:

You are the best

Lionpuppyaj says:


Nicsonic15 says:

Hey Kindly Keyin! Just finished watching this and it’s funny! Anyway, I updated my map Walk so you should be able to find your easter egg! (Hopefully!!!)

Ashleigh Woolfrey says:

Can you please do a house tor

Margaret López says:

i am a nood

Sara Peterson says:

U r not a boon. Your pretty could t the virtual reality version i luv he vids

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