LEGO GODZILLA VS MINECRAFT STEVE ARMY! – Brick Rigs Gameplay Challenge & Creations

LEGO GODZILLA VS MINECRAFT STEVE ARMY! – Brick Rigs Gameplay Challenge & Creations

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of Brick Rigs. Today is the LEGO MINECRAFT ARMY VS GODZILLA! Lego Bob is going on a mission to take out the Minecraft invasion with a little help from Clustertruck and Lego Godzilla.

This is a sandbox lego building and driving game with dynamic destruction physics.

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About Brick Rigs:
Brick Rigs allows you to build many kinds of vehicles from a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving and destruction physics in a sandbox environment.

The multiplayer mode allows you to experience these physics together with your friends. You can race other players, organize demolition derby’s or battle each other in a plane fight, the rules are up to you!

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Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you enjoy this episode of Brick Rigs! What should Bob do next?

Part 1:
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Its the boss of games says:

You should do army trucks vs drones

Paul Scribbins says:

Me too

salmonvivor says:


WESLEY Green says:

He’s playing in the hall of the mountain king

hi I'm person not a cow says:

2:18 ITS THE TARDIS FROM Doctor who

sans YT15 says:


Da GamerX says:

You should do work shop hunters

Itsfazbear7777 And killer138376 says:

this made my day

ZillaPlayz says:

Clustertruck fandom vs Minecraft fandom

Warrens Gaming says:

In real life they would be about 70000000000000000000000000000

Nicholas Theus says:

16:53 head shotted

Flicky32 says:

Well, the vtol would probably cost 30-100 million dollars, the tank would probably cost around 10-20, perhaps 100-300 million for each missile cube, I don’t have a clue what a steve would cost, around 500,000 for each truck, no idea what a godzilla would cost.

Liam Flynn says:

Do the same thing you did in this episode but ROBLOX! :O

rg drink says:

3 packs of missles=13million
3 hover tanks=34 million$
2 vtol thingies=54 million$
5 sets of cluster trucks the whole steam community
A sonic boom godzilla a whole nuclear factory 13 million$

salmonvivor says:


Lenny CZ EXTRA says:

Do a multiplayer race with all the dudes: Scrap, O.B., Spy, Gray and Neil!

Caleb Granger says:

It’s Super Effective!!!!

axel libranto says:

am i over exaggerating?
OH btw if bob is in clustertruck then he can parkour on trucks

David Hazelwood says:

1)00000000000 b

Normen Whitney says:

Great vid :DDDDDDDDDDDDD l love brick rigs.

Dabian lopez says:

Play y summer car

Roy T. says:

i am sad my cat died

Christian McCartney says:

I see missels “yessssssss”

Ben TRC says:

Camodo takes out more of the city than the “enemy”

The Tester gg says:

Bob you really need to stop talking in the third person and then switching back to saying “me” instead of “bob”. xD

salmonvivor says:


Lucas C. says:

The Unstoppable Bob

Hayden Bruce says:

You should name Godzilla bobzilla

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