Is Notch Creating Minecraft 2? – Notch’s NEW Game (Gameplay)


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Hello and welcome everyone to Notch’s new game. Today we are going to go over ALL The information that the Minecraft Creator posted on social media. Looks like we could be expected a NEW game from the Minecraft founder, would you play it ?


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Simon D. says:

You know, this video didn’t give any insights at all. I could have just open up Twitter and look through notch’s tweets instead of watching this Video.

TheMasonX says:

I think this guy may have a learning disability…

IWTD says:

He also sold the freaking name so if he made Minecraft 2 it would be illegal because that’s copyright.

Plat Crab says:

What notch seemed to be showing with the cave bits was another way of storing some terrain generation/ chunk data.

Also voxel terrain generation is pretty common. For a Dev at his level some basic terrain generation and some new abilities with web dev doesn’t say much about any actual game design.

Alex Mitra says:

I really hope it’s more of an open-generation rpg with some designed areas for the story and mostly random generated terrain outside of those

ChaonicMew says:

While I appreciate you giving us these information…. You make me cringe very very much over a lot of your statements. Especially when reading his messages.
It isn’t that hard to do some basic research on some terms… And please don’t take this offensive, but I believe, you spread a lot of false informations by doing this. Take more time to create your videos, do the research.

EpicIdiot Loser says:

if you don’t know why don’t you find out

CMA Amazing says:


Alpha Jumper says:

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D3fr0s7 says:

Watching you destroy leaves with an axe made me hate you.

Cats12kitty cat says:

What ever he’s doing looks pretty cool

Kelly Dayton says:

Didn’t Notch die?

reece burns says:

Wait is notch working on ruin from facepunch? I’ve seen simmilar images to these in the development of Ruin. Hmmm

Alex Punk how many subs says:


lxῠͷδεαδxl says:

Selling minecraft was the biggest mistake he ever made….. smh

Jason Ewton says:

So much of this is hard to watch. Notch is having fun. Of you read his tweets you’d know that. He has no intentions to create “Minecraft 2” or anything like it.

The “DESTINY Fields” as you pronounced it are actually DENSITY Fields. Hes creating a rendering engine that renders with raycasting.

Bryce Hoodie says:

*Water Stand*
It could be an enemy Stand!

Bartatron 2000 says:

*god* you are annoying.

Dumb Comment says:

A broken man’s piece of shit

The Claussy Gamer says:

No it isn’t Minecraft. Notch hasn’t cared about the game since beta.

rewrite123 says:

BTW, most people used C++ with DX_ or OpenGL_, and not java for making games. I don’t even think that consoles can understand java.

cxtheMINER says:

What was that weird gameplay

Adrenaline’s AJ Channel says:

I’m exited and I would play it!

TheMasonX says:

“This one, to me, looks like a painting picture that somebody drew, that he took a picture of, and posted to Twitter…”

And that, kids, is why you don’t huff paint…

gamer sneeky says:

No minecraft was made in c++

JJJ The_dark says:

wow you put (gameplay) in the title. when you clickbait you need to at least have SOME explanation for it. you deserve that awfull 3:1 LD ratio. LOL

Abdullah Aldosari says:

it looks like roblox

Apple Sauce says:

Gonna hit y’all with a bunch of info since this video didn’t share anything other than tweets with commentary.
1. JavaScript is not java. Hence the web browser.
2. The base shapes that are in the backgrounds of the photos are what makes up the game. The squares and circles are what make up the rocks and caves. ( the spiral bit)
3. They’re different colors for the purpose of having the colors there to pick them back up for use. ( the tree )
4. The shimmer is because of reflection testing, shown towards the end with the water. Shaders make up the core graphics. The math has to be right and so does the color.
5. The fact that all of that terrain was able to stay loaded when he walked around and kept its distance and felt far away with the depth of field like that is bananas. Specially since this is just a play thing at the moment.



Jesse Grubb says:

Your obsession with notch is unhealthy. The man is just sharing something he likes doing and is working on. You litteraly are looking for insight in nothing but a mans own hobby and praising him like some sort of god.

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