HEROBRINE… I Called Him Out.. – Minecraft Gameplay – Brick Rigs Lego Statue! Gameplay for Kids

Minecraft Gameplay where we call out Herobrine! Herobrine has been haunting the kids of minecraft for far too long.. its about time me and billy bob from Brick Rigs put a stop to this! COME AT ME HEROBRINE!
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Keep in mind this is a Family Friendly and Kid Friendly YouTube channel! All gameplay on this channel is good for kids of all age so keep that in mind before you comment on this minecraft video of my brick rigs monument that has lego and voxel style graphics!

Want more Minecraft, Voxel Turf, or Brick Rigs gameplay? Make sure to check out more of my youtube playlists down below! I have have almost a complete playthrough of Lego City Undercover as well!

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Minecraft is a voxel based gameplay but is as open world as it gets! In this series of minecraft, we will be dedicating our time to building monuments and statues in honor of Brick Rigs! I hope you guys enjoy this minecraft gameplay seriesfor kids!

Minecraft has been the most recommended gameplay to be seen on my channel! It has very similar style to our Voxel Turf gameplay! I’m also building a huge statue of Billy Bob from Brick Rigs! This gameplay is based on us discovering the tools and materials needed to complete our lego statue of Bob from Brick Rigsfor kids!

I hope you guys enjoy this gameplay for kids of minecraft and our monument of bob from our brick rigs gameplay for kids, check out this playlist here!

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►And if you are curious about my Voxel Turf gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWA2MCSsLpM&list=PL3iIaXpPwSHHP-H3YfMEESylHM9kNEuyO

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Keep in mind that this is a kid friendly gaming channel.. Family friendly viewers are welcome! If you comment down below, make sure to keep this in mind! Be aware that this is family friendly and kid friendly gameplay of minecraft, brick rigs and my voxel turf gameplay!

Minecraft Gameplay is going to be a full series on my channel! Considering how much you guys love my Voxel Turf gameplay and Brick Rigs Gameplay, I had to bring Minecraft to the channel! With its Lego Style of art and its kid and family friendly nature, I thought it was the perfect fit for the channel for kids!

If you would like me to complete this Brick Rigs, Lego Styled statue on this voxel turf style setting on minecraft, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

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Hayden Plays says:

can i join your game if its on xbox 1

The Plastic Minecart/TPM says:

You can’t place ladders on glass

Theresa Pabst says:

Who’s here before 2000 views

Don Surtida says:

OB why are you not making your own skin in Minecraft?

The Plastic Minecart/TPM says:

In tiny town make a YouTube hq

Zildjian Garcellano says:

O.b dont play with herobrine

Frank Weigand says:

Your channel is called B.OB by first letters

Joshua Paulino says:

Cant get me *BRO*

Wanda Riecks says:

Billy bob is a dumby

Kelsey Robson says:

I am excited for school

Rudy Tuhas says:

Herobrain is god the entity 303. Is bad him hack minecraft game

William and Zachary chat says:

say herobrine 3 times

DoBeast Gaming says:

Herobrine is not real ob! Every Herobrine sighting is clickbait ob! Get it right ob!

Explosive Productions says:

Love ur vids ob

Alex0 Gaming says:

toomarow is saterday yeet

Marlon Müller says:

OB dont make a diamond shovel again make a iron 😉 ps nice Video

Mr.phantomcat says:

Well rumor has it that you have to play that really creepy broken disk in a note block and put render distance all the way down (I don’t believe it)

Zildjian Garcellano says:

Type the scary seed its called 666 saturn if its day time you cant see red bloody moon and also if its night time you will see red bloody moon and there some other scary seeds

tater tot boy with a side of ketchup says:


Ilona Knudson says:

Herobrine doesn’t exist dude sorry to tell uou

Jacob Kirkland says:

Do you say anything bad on your other channel

matt30707 says:

I have 4/5 hours of homework because of the snow day in Minnesota

Nicolai Trainor says:

can you do more ylands

Arif Mirza Abdussalam says:

Wat is yor skin

gcoronado90 says:

awesome video OB can you do more tiny town keep up the awesome work

PD 100 says:

I’d say the arms are a bit too long

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