FIRST GAMEPLAY – Minecraft Bedrock Update – Nintendo Switch “Better together” & New Features

Nintendo Switch Minecraft Better Together Update, AKA the Minecraft Bedrock Update for Nintendo Switch is nearly here, Mojang has shown off the first Gameplay & talked New Features…
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zozostaxs13_ sidekick says:

So i have to buy it again

DarkLink1996 says:

Seven! *SEVEN!*

Lion_Turtle says:

I’m still sitting here waiting for the Super Duper Graphics pack and the Xbox One X update for 4K :/

Last stream had them saying not to expect it any time soon. Maybe they bit off more than they can chew. But that’s just me being a little bitter with the slow pace.

Ghqebvful says:

Glad to hear the news. I’ve been playing alone on my Switch for a while now. I’ll be glad to finally be able to play with my friends (soon).

Jonathan Yenca says:

I hope this means we will get a physical copy soon

tdogGaming says:

YO Nintendo needs to release a minecraft themed joycon, and minecraft themed pro controller also we need a Pokémon resource pack for switch I’d buy that day one

Prince Revolver says:

When DQ Builders 2 comes out will you be streaming that?

MegaManNeo says:

As long as we can use the existing version to play across networks I am fine with this.

stormyandcold says:

Well, the logical thing for Nintendo and Mojang to do is offer the Mario pack for all platforms. Nintendo is already on ios, so, I don’t see much of a problem there. As Mojang is owned by MS, then, having the pack available for Xbox (and by extension for PC) shouldn’t be a problem either. The only platform that doesn’t need it is the PS4. It comes down to royalties. I can only see it as a positive step forward for Nintendo to allow it.

JASPER You says:

When it comes out can we all play on one surver as the blunt community?

jwmunson says:

Nice! So hyped! Been waiting so long! But didn’t know that Super Mario Mash Up was coming to bedrock, but very hyped! Thx for the info! #Sub2Blunty

KROSER says:

any news on when the ‘super duper graphics pack’ update is out

vzwopx says:

I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this. Haven’t been playing Minecraft on the Switch for months because I was waiting for the update.

Jerpyj Extras says:

i own 7 as well

Carlos Alvarez says:


LyokoNightwing says:

I hope this also means the physical copy that has been sitting on Amazon’s website for almost a year will be released “soon”…

matthew forsyth says:

infinite worlds on the switch, shit… cant wait

Brett Tickell says:

So we’ll be able to play with other consoles and PCs? What’s the largest player max? I hope it’s hundreds

Tamitha Tindall says:

Minecraft for Switch is looking damn nice with the Bedrock update.

Caolan Robinson says:

I only play minecraft on switch and all my friends are on pc or mobile

ImEnity says:

Omg I have bought Minecraft 7 times too

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