Evolution of Minecraft 2009-2019

Evolution of Minecraft 2009-2019
Minecraft Cave game 2009
Minecraft Early Classic Creative 2009
Minecraft Multiplayer Test 2009
Minecraft Survival Test 2009
Minecraft Late Classic Creative 2009
Minecraft Indev 2009
Minecraft Infdev 2010
Minecraft Alpha 2010
Minecraft Beta 2010
Minecraft 1.0 2011
Minecraft 1.4 2012
Minecraft 1.6 2013
Minecraft 1.8 2014
Minecraft 1.9 2016
Minecraft 1.11 2016
Minecraft 1.12 2017
Minecraft 1.13 2018
Minecraft 1.14 2019


Gustix2312 :v says:


Luke Fazio says:

I said I wouldn’t cry

Daniel Barbosa says:

Por mais que eu não goste mais de Minecraft obrigado Minecraft por ser meu melhor passa tempo quando eu tinha 8 anos. Nunca esquecerei de ti. Tu foi o melhor

Skully says:

I’m twelve, and first started playing when the mobile version came out. I remember it to this day, hearing that zombie with my brother, while jumping and giggling. It was fun. And now I feel like breaking down into tears seeing it slowly die. I wish everyone would stop playing stupid fortnite and just play Minecraft again. Actually, I’m gonna go try to play it with my older brother agin right now, maybe that’ll help 🙂

klh.13 says:

I used to play minecraft because it helped my two autistic step brothers to focus on something and keep them busy while learning how to use their imagination. Brings back memories.

Bzah says:

I remember in summer, when we would have sleepovers and just play minecraft and terraria for the whole day and night. But then when my friends left, i listened to the minecraft music and couldn’t play.

TWG - GamerG7 says:

*checks friendlist , last seen 4 years ago never to be seen again*

Shane Bod says:

Least it’s not fortnite

Roxana Campos says:

This game is still in my heart

Kinda Mello says:

I remember that fricken add when I was trying to get the game on my parents computer and then when it came out on Xbox that was my first game besides halo

autumnleigh says:

This makes me sad, I remember playing Minecraft for the first time. It’s like it was just yesterday. Thank you Minecraft for the memories, I really do miss those days

Icicle says:

And fortnite ruined everything by adding creative and custom maps, 1 like=1prayer for fortnite to get shut down, BTW not hungry for likes just expressing my feelings, and fortnite also copied many other games, and it’s popular only because it’s free

Diego-kun says:


Isla Pico says:

I cried because I was just 3-5 yrs old made my first world in my iPad but I don’t know my first world

JanEn3 says:

That water one looked really cool

Diego-kun says:

abadabadad maincra

Strawberries & Cigarettes says:

i still play minecraft hunger games:)

doobs says:

First two minecraft music is so nostalgic for me…

supertacoxd xd says:

Mi infancia!! :”v

Xythrr Wolf says:

Minecraft videos are getting recommended now…

Matt Knaeble says:

Wow 9 years since i put 50 bucks down on this game and still have been a member ever since. Best prepay/donation and beta testing ever.

doobs says:

The old minecraft days… I was in 3rd grade when i figured out about this game. So much has changed. I used to live in a cove with all of my friends and we would play outside like normal human beings. When one of us said “Go away!” We would get in trouble. Everyone was best friends with everyone there. Then slowly one by one family’s left. Eventually we moved out. I was excited. Thats when i learned something called minecraft pocket edition. I used to sit next to my fire place and ask my mom to use her phone to play the game. Thats when school didnt matter to me. A few years go by… I get an xbox 360. I get minecraft for that. I didnt think of the music. In fact i hated it. I remember playing survival with my friends and its raining in minecraft and its a cool night outside and you can hear the frogs and sometimes owls outside. And everytime we found a village we got super excited. I would have the raw old version because i didnt have xbox live. Damn i miss the fucking good old fucking days. I WISH I COULD RELIVE MY PASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Santiago Forero says:

Like si a un te gusta Minecraft

Diego-kun says:

hahahahajhaaaa maincra

Bazilaz says:

This is truly a Diamond Experience

Strangers In Training says:

I remember first being introduced to Minecraft by watching a series on youtube of one of the first “survival island lets plays” around Minecraft beta. Then I got my own copy of the game around its release looking back at it now honestly almost made me cry.

This was the game I came home to when having a bad day at school.
Minecraft was honestly my escape as a child.

Now it’s just a meme.

NomadLad says:

Started playing in 1.1

Patrick Mason says:

I remember my friends and I playing Minecraft back in 2013

Angel rene Figueroa cordova says:

Me entro la nostalgia

Pixlrr [GD] says:

Thank you for everything, Minecraft. You were my childhood.

TheHappyApple Apple says:

“Let’s build a roller coaster after school.”

Temzie / Temzette says:

It started from a Cave Game Sandbox to a Bestseller Game

the jojo kids says:

2019 that’s bit in there

Chicken Nugget says:

Minecraft only got bad because older kids and people came and made things like servers awful and inappropriate

Luke Staruk says:

“Minecraft… Is not knowing how to play Minecraft.”

From “A Tribute to Minecraft,” 2018

Pintexx says:

We Minecraft kids back in the day played a real mans game.

IWishIWasAFortniteStreamer says:


Music Forever says:

I cry every time I hear this song

el vikingo nordico says:

No hay mucha diferencia

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