CRAZY CHICKEN ON THE LOOSE!! | Minecraft Gameplay

In this video I play minecraft Block Hunt and there is a crazy chicken on top of the tree that is poisoning me.

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reckless jokes says:

How do you play mineplex?

Camerin Thimpson says:

sorry sirrera for saying that

Duka _025 says:

How do I record your screen

Judie says:

can u raise ur voice and lower the game by the way I LOVE U i found bout u tday

Judie says:

chocolate chip

HelloAshley says:

Love the video

Gamer 47368 says:

Hi Sierra which app or website do you use to record your videos

Britt Vanlerberghe says:

omg i love you so muchh

Joshua Johnson says:

Sierra great video mincraft is the game I play most of the times I think u did good and that was a hack that someone did because it doesn’t suppose to do that if something touched u # loved video

JP _the_finneser says:

Same I used to be good at math but know I suck at it and I’m good at writing and I hate it

jay the gamer200 says:

can u play some games on the ps3

Camerin Thimpson says:

Hahah that is funny

TJ zombie 565 says:

that video is cool

it's over 9000 says:


Howard Plays 4 Life says:

Do a reaction video to transformers last night

Alex Rivas says:

l like good old chocolate chip and good video and have a great night or day. 🙂

Brody Fuller says:


COOL Z zeerak says:

Nice video but you should make one of those awesome intros

Kennedy Lynne says:

What times do u ushully play?

Zoe Mills says:

Not really a fan of cookies but in England they brought out these chocolate orange digestive biscuits. Don’t know if you can buy them in the US but they’re AMAZING!!

sam game's says:

Best YouTuber ever

emily kearns says:


Billy Goats Gaming says:

“And they finally done it” lol

Dark Side says:

I’m not that much of a sweet tooth, Sierra but I like the regular chocolate chip cookies and the Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies. I usually bake them myself or with friends and family.
I dont really think of eating them, that often.

Lay Kay says:


The Justin Methvin Vlogs says:

I love u so much Sierra

Cody Fischer says:

chocolate chip as will Sireea Mcgintus

Joshua Bradley says:

I like m&m cookies

Kid Perfect says:


Frolic Josh says:

Make a survival series on minecraft please, this comment is from the uk

DerpyCodKiller says:

hey sierra do you want to join my server

Twisted Gamer says:


WES Productions says:

My favorite cookies are the classic Chocolate Chips ones.
I tried the M&Ms ones and they were Ok. I prefer M&Ms on their own though!.
I mostly eat Oreos or “sandwich cookies” similar to that.
But my favorites are definitely the Chocolate Chips cookies. I love them!.
Have a great December, Sierra!
Best wishes!

kyle gameplay says:

sierra do you still play on your creative words plz tell me

Destiny goals says:

chocolate chip

Bob Thimpsskn says:


Wolfhunter plays says:

Hey Sierra, try to do a Christmas special! Please reply back Sierra.

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