Chosen Plays Minecraft 1.13 Ep: 1 Little Starter Home


Seed: ChosenArchitect
Island Location: x-405 y68 z-1940
The Journey Begins

Today we start out with nothing only to find an island with nothing on it and build a little starter house. I will continue to build on from this island and soon will move the base into the water and try out some of Minecraft new water mechanics!

I hope you guys join me through this long journey that is this Minecraft 1.13 Let play!

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►Song: Paradise – MEJKO
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Lage Kaasa Helgedagsrud says:

Double-click W and swim like true life.

Paul Richey says:

I like how you make 30 minute videos even though none else does

Hunter Yost says:

All the new generation is playing is fortnite so that’s why mc is taking an L

iDark Gameryz says:

hi <3

Alastair Guess who's back!? says:

Bonus chest “no I’m not scummy” *has cheats on*

Zane Mathews says:


ViolentStormz says:

Hello, can I play with you? I’ll also add you to my realm, my user is ViolentStormz

GamingMaster YT says:

Minecraft is not dead just servers are dead nobody plays servers anymore so the best way to play is modded but its still better with other people but nobody plays multiplayer anymore

Desiree Rinnert says:

my dad plays minecraft

Noobie 12 says:

Your voice is so calm compared to everyone else’s!

Lapys says:

Try using wooden planks for more depth in the house (and to save on some resources when building next time), and more wooden variants (like the birch you found) for more subtle variety.

Sandwich Man says:

Right as he said “everything seems to run better” the game lags

Grizzle Plays Games says:

Sprint in water

Minnesota Guy says:

Man you look like a total noob in vanilla. Please tell me you locked the villagers in the houses right?

Eclipsion 13 says:

“Is this not fully grown?” XD mod-fever stage 1

Lps Bandele says:

R u 26 yrs old?

Zachary Rappel says:

4:58 does he seriously not know hypothermia is A mod mechanic

XxmoneyXx Bro says:

If u right click with a axe on a tree it will strip it

Jimm Girdler says:

time to catch up!

CatAndTegan says:

4:28 you have to sprint-

Suprax says:

I played minecraft, and now my little brother plays minecraft.

weesy Tysor says:

*cough* fortnite *cough*

liddl bun says:

i love seeing fresh let’s plays, it’s rare to find any these days ! thanks for the content, you’ve inspired me to boot my game up again

chor vang says:

The Killing down YouTuber I’m going to show you no mercy tell me the best YouTuber

Cassia Black says:

YoU MiSsEd ThE DeSeRt TEmPlE!!

Marshall Sharp says:

When a youtuber gets more views on multiple videos than their subscriber count that’s how you know they are a good.

bomb squad says:

I like your Channel

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