BEST XBOX ONE S LIMITED EDITION? Unboxing Minecraft Console & Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

Unboxing Xbox One S 1Tb Minecraft style Limited Edition and Minecraft Creeper & Pig edition controller. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Infected new mode. Fortnite Battle Royale first Xbox One solo victory.
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4 console
Fortnite unboxing & first Battle Royale victory

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Lele Apples says:

Minecraft is bae

Daniel Baker 2KTV says:

I genuinely enjoy Minecraft. I enjoy making my own cities, underground e.t.c

Kent Antenor Cruz says:

Nice Video….

CTNK 007 says:

I am not a fan of minecraft but it actually looks so cool

Christian saldivar says:

Why don’t you talk

Eagloman says:


Mr. Cucu says:

i m go to sleep omg this unboxing is sooooo cool to go bed

Hrvatska Braća says:

your end is so relaxing

Fabian Gutierrez Video says:


UCHIHA says:

I wonder if the puts the stuff back gently and has like 4 rooms just sitting with all the stuff hes unboxed

Lele Apples says:


LegoCup Productions says:

I want the creeper controller so bad

TwoGunToast says:

Creativerse is Minecraft but better… And free lolz

BlinX YT says:

by the way inside of the controllers, where you keep the battery they have a little picture of a carrot for the pig and gun powder for creeper

Eli funnyVids says:

Congrats bro

Luz Grisales says:

Como lo consejimos

Nathaniel Jaurigue says:

i thought relaxing was gonna play Minecraft

luedy silva says:

Mainkra ecsbocs juan edishion


Can you Do auf dragonball Fighter z Limited Edition

fulmine 83 says:


Dio Brando says:

i always though you were ps4 relaxing

TwoGunToast says:

I suck so bad BR, not a single kill or win yet 🙁 people are so dam good and have really nice optimized mouse and keyboard set ups and high end headphones n shizz. Seriously can’t wait for the PvE because that looks like it’ll be really good

DeezNuts 121 says:

Is this an ASMR?

Ohh V1perz says:

This channel is amazing, i always feel so calm



hypixel 236 says:

I’m still playing Minecraft even in 2018

Dominik Cichocki says:

Limit edition FIFA 18

Carlos Lopez says:

Game cube límites edition¡

Mario Martins says:

what type of shitty ass console is this that uses batterie shitty controllers pufff fuck xboxtrash i think the best xbox was the original one

Russell Smith says:

I don’t play Minecraft but this still looks really awesome

Josiah Hey says:

I still got a kick flip phone

Glass Eye Gaming says:

Excellent stuff my friend!

ZombieYum Tom curry says:


Diegito alias noob 343 says:

Puro pishi maikra

Sgt. Zman101010 says:

Okay the minecraft edition of this thing actually looks cool!

Dark Lord says:

How many xboxes you have?

Heavy Metal King says:

Wow Xbox actually thought outside the box

alf yy says:

ok this video just made me want to buy that

Goku Black says:

I’m still playing in 2018

lol idk says:

i hace that

TheDoge 120 says:

Xbox spain edition xdxdxd

Saroj Upadhyay says:

i still play minecraft in 2018

Gd Geilite says:

Gears of war edition were cooler

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