BATTLE OF THE BULGE! – Minecraft WW2 (Call to Battle Mod Gameplay)

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📕 Disclaimer: This production is not to be considered historically or politically accurate. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY! Thank you.


xXAdam0324Xx LMC says:

Well played scotteh

Eagle Gonzalez says:

What Version?

Howard Pugh says:


ScottehBoeh says:

**Come and PLAY WITH ME!** Download the mod and join the official server! I’ll most likely be playing!

Thanks for watching! And as always, have a great day! <3

Leo Kowal says:

Scotteh, Master of Hipfire.

Shaoqing Yang says:

what mod is this??

madmanlolz says:

I heard bayonets and came as quick as I could

fridayfreddy2 says:


Freddie Wimshurst says:

That look so fun to play is it ??

SimonOx says:

Good video dude 😀 I use this mod for a private ww2 modpack! Ps keep up the good work!

simon tv says:


Sebatian Del rosario says:

whats the server?

bernado andrade says:

scottehboeh  canal favorito

re xwd says:

I love scotteh video’s

Hiccuping Pug says:

Do more of these

Nathaniel Howe says:

Nice vid awesome I don’t know what to,say it’s so good

Herra Vöfflur says:

This is closer to battlefield

xlog man says:

Absolutely love this video , actually, I was thinking of making a WW1 Minecraft server if you wanted to know, and when it’s finished you can play it

fridayfreddy2 says:


Arnold [Toxikus] says:

Version 1.8?

vincent chong says:

‘I saw you on the server’

Zhi Kai Tan says:

Where is britain

dave johnson says:

My game crashes when install the mod

fridayfreddy2 says:

Scotteh you using curse???

Scott Luis M. Cabahug says:

Hey ScottehBoeh, I wonder if you can also become an Imperial Japanese Soldier, and also, we have the same name, I am also Scott.



irving lau says:

I noticed, Theres a problem with bias on WW2 games. So every time I play any WW2 game on TDM it seems like there 2x the Americans on the enemy team.

James Humble says:

If someone makes a Vietnam and mod sever like call to battle two I would like you to make a video on it please and thank you

blue scropin says:

hello Scott pls play world
heroes ok

Arman Rahman says:

Where the British?

AIM4N 3444 says:

More pls

Oliver Pohl says:

Hey your here u da best.

TheWinterGhost Gabe says:

what is the version of minecraft

Hildo Miguel says:

Ehto las yur geurth

fridayfreddy2 says:

Scotteh please do tutorial on how to install minecraft mods :C Please

Duece Tha Goat says:

This kinda reminds me of war mode from cod ww2

Maty Zombie says:


Shaoqing Yang says:


simon tv says:

Pls more

Crimzon _Flame says:

Hey Scotteh! I’m a new sub and I’ve gotta say, I love your content!

Pancakes says:

What armor mod do you use, and can I have a link to it?

Shawnnyx2000 says:

I can’t get it to download D:

Lucas Fariña says:

Wooooow! can you give us more of this? Its amazing

Herr Kater says:

WAS es gibt call to battle 2!!?

fridayfreddy2 says:

How to download this mod

fridayfreddy2 says:

Can you tell developers to do Technic launcher PLEASEEE

Jorka Gamer says:

With what, do you have your logo? 🙂

Dva Ludaka Mnogo Jaka says:

did you play on server or not

Tiny Simon says:

Please a new video of this serie

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