ASMR Gameplay – Minecraft: Wii U Edition

Hello everyone! Today we are going to be playing Minecraft:) I’ve been wanting to play this with you guys for a long time! And I hope you find my ramblings relaxing ♥ Please excuse the weird sounding white noise in the background, I’ve been having a lot of technical difficulties with my microphone lately. I plan on getting a new one soon though:)

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What is ASMR?


Rosemary Dickerson says:

please play more minecraft to fun

Orthar the Tooth Collector says:

I stumbled across your channel when I fell asleep with auto play on, easily one of my favorite ASMR channels!

boredaflel says:

Awww wanna play with me together? My NNID: Glender

B Sanders says:

We allll know the Skyrim World needs to be explored.

Super_Javier_ 64 says:

Minecraft came out on Wii U way too late. It’s a hood thing they are gonna release it on the Switch right when it’s still new

The Mystic Articuno says:

I have it for PC, PS4, and WiiU.. but I mostly play it on PS4. I do quite enjoy the WiiU edition, but I suck at PC because the controls are screwy in my opinion.

Berry Jeff says:

I’ve watched this so many times I love the combination of the controller with your voice

kitty fever says:

do one on super mairo

Patrick Schaefer says:

I would like to see a Video about the Fallout and Skyrim World 🙂
Nice Video, really relaxing!

Duh_itzrubz 23 says:

A #blastfromthepast

Duh_itzrubz 23 says:


Jesse Contreras says:

Yeah do the skin packs!

Nacho says:

I had a feeling the world was going to be called: The ASMR World

erverety says:

I have it on pc and ps4 i play ps4 because setting up a private server on pc is so annoying sometimes.

PussyMaster says:

Please show off the Fallout n Skyrim world

Alfie ASMR says:

I really need to make a Minecraft asmr

Alfie ASMR says:

Your voice sounds like that girl from Napoleon dynamite. 🙂

iamsavinsky says:

Show off the fallout world please! 🙂

B Sanders says:

Minecraft is such a mellow, peaceful and rewarding experience. (solo survival mode)

professor Wierdbierd says:

Another great video. Knights of the old republic gameplay would be epic!!

Remmy says:

Love this! <3

Andreas sjöberg says:

Just… yes ^-^

Fun fact, all mobs in minecraft are canonically hermaphrodites. And it is functionally true, as any mob that you can breed, can be so with any other member of its own type.

TimeParadoxStudios says:

Minecraft’s Music + Controller Sounds + Your Voice = Perfection

Bluntteh says:

You should totally do another one! I love the Wii U controller noises.

Cosmin Tutoveanu says:

SKYRIM WORLD PLEASE, you will be doing us all a favour

187bronco187 says:

Omg wtf your voice just made me cut myself….. holy shit it’s so awful

Tom Henman says:

Your voice is amazing! It’s like hot caramel.

Super Awesome says:


The couch potato says:

I would like to see you show us those worlds. For some reason I love ASMR presentations/show and tell.

Tristan Saul says:

Excellent. I love ASMR videos that make me feel like I’m on a comfy adventure with someone. Speaking of, any chance of getting some Breath of the Wild in the future?

Liam Lindsay says:

Do more of this!

Luke m says:

ive been wanting to get this game since i have the wii u. should i get it?

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