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Today we take a look at the 50 step process of starting a new Minecraft survival world!

Chicken farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWT_WCTFUvA

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Joe Smith says:

I can find the link for the fish farm?

gavrel Didi says:

how to make a iron generator

Seeky Unbounded says:

you take bonus chest to save time not because its hard to geet ….

kyandra says:

i followed these steps and so far, i’ve managed to collect lots of redstone and lapis as well as *tons* of iron. i’m almost done making a farm. but im unable to find diamonds, any help?

Black Angel says:

I watched this and i got cancer
IT took u one Day to get food i need one Day to get full iron and 2. Day i get my First diamonds


He has a gtx 1080

Mark Brewster says:

Don’t you need to have the iron farm like 100 blocks away from any wooden doors? A tutorial I watched said that it won’t work if its within 100 blocks of a door.

lilith servino says:

What if you don’t really want to make farms/they don’t always work on your version lol

Kirsty Jeneson says:

You should use the tips for hermitcraft season 6

Time For Pancakes says:

I just used rail duping to make tracks to fill my iron farm because I’m a dirty cheater.

GrassyCatYT says:


acetraker1988 says:

the crafting menu is retarded where you have to place them.. PS4 godsend….

Bruce Tawil says:

Hey Mumbo, I play a lot of skyblock and it always gets to me when I’m mining my cobble generator and my redstone, gold, diamonds etc fly towards the lava and get burnt up. Can you come up with some sort of redstone design that could prevent this from happening and maximize mining efficiency for cobble generators? I imagined something that would use pistons and block updates to automatically push the resources you mine into a water flow/hopper system below, but designing this is sooooo beyond my skill, despite watching a ton of your videos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Emi says:

Wait where is the afk fish farm link? D:

Tanish Doshi says:

So U just live in a mined out stone area your whole life

Brawhalla Milo says:

How you get so much diamonds creative maybe

jan kościuszko says:

u take this all from creative D:

Interceptor_YT says:

13:01 who else noticed that it looks like a face?

Yalkın ÇIRAK says:

You can just get 10 obsidian and make a portal. Go to hell. Then grab 4 obsidian from the portal’s corners

Stefan Lutz says:

Where is the link to the fish farm?? 🙁 can’t get mine too work…

ahmed aiman says:

I want to learn to be a better biulder

Pyrrhic Victory says:

Afk overnight?! Isnt it bad to leave your PC on for that long?

acetraker1988 says:

some of them are optional or just shit advise…

GamingKiddoZ says:

I’m like well mom is not home for hours so *gets comfy mine craft time!

ETHANDASAVAGE im a Savage dude says:

And my friend said i went to creative mode

wantedMC2000 says:

I’ve never made a dirt hut and I’ve been playing Minecraft for many years. Am I broken?

JavaDad says:

Wow! I guess I never gave it much thought, but that’s almost exactly how I play. In the 1.13 LP I just started, I’m probably about half way through this list of things. Just finished the fish and chicken farms and getting ready for an iron farm. The one tip I’d add about putting down stairs is to start at the top, look straight down, hold down your place button and go down backwards. It’s about 50x faster that way!

Glostrode says:

Great video, Mumbo! 🙂 I’d appreciate it if anyone can check out my new PrimeSurvival series (and it’s my first series!)

Alberts Šķilteris says:

Press F To Pay Respects!

FreezingGamer says:

Umm the end? Elytra?

Epic Dude says:

Woo Hoo! I love u!

Halo mannen says:

The afk fishing farm doesnt work for me

Mega Lo Mania says:

Great video! Except for the stair case, I hate these enless stair cases. I always build a 2×1 hole with a drop shaft and ladders. It’s worth the 20 wood, at least for me 🙂

Ace The FireDragon says:

Now go to the end, kill the ender dragon and quit Minecraft forever.

The End.

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